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John H. Finger came to this country from Germany aboard a sailing vessel with his parents and 1 sister, 1859 (1862), age 4. His parents died at sea. Upon arriving in New York he was placed in an orphanage in New York. His sister later married. John H. Rees, when he was 11, (Some say 9), was sent to Illinois by train with many other orphans and the people there adopted them. John H. was adopted by a family name Finger in La Salle County, Illinois.
John H. Finger had a farm in Lostant, Illinois, Sec. 16, Richland Township.
John H. original name, in Germany, was Rees, Riesse, Riess, Ries, Rieha, Riehse, Ritz, Riecz, etc. Also Russ with the (") above the (u).
At the age of 19 John H. left the Finger family and later lived with a family by the name of Henry W. Rose in La Salle County, Illinois, Henry Rose's wife was Elizabeth Schneider, married 9/25/1858. The had a son John Wesly born 8/9/1868, he died 2/10/1870. Henry had a farm, Sec. 16, 163 acres, Lostant, Ill. Henry Rose took John H. Finger into His household. Henry Rose born 5/16/1836 in Germany, came to America in 1861. Elizabeth Schneider was born 11/11/1833 in Germany.
John H. Finger later lived in Grand Junction, Iowa. He had many children. (Taken from family information).
John H. & Louisa were buried in the cemetery west of Grand Junction. The large stone has dates as John H. 1853 - 1936 and Louisa 1860 - 1917.
Family Notes: Taken from "Past and Present of LaSalle County). John H. Finger, Farmer, Sec. 16, Lostant, IL. Richland Township.
Henry W. Rose, farmer, Sec 16, Lostant, Il. Born in Germany 6/16/1836. Came to this County in 1861. Republican. Evangelical Assoc.. Ownes 163 acres, value 12,000.00. Married Elizabeth Schnieder 9/25/1858, she was born 11/11/1833 in Germany. John Wesley, thier son, born 8/9/1868, died 2/10/1870. They they adopted John H. Finger born in Germany 12/25/1854. (The other family notes state that he did not let the Rose family adopt him but lives with them until Henry Rose died.

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The following is a list compiled from published sources of Orphan Train Arrivals and the National Database. It is by no means a complete list. Its accuracy depends upon the accuracy of the reporters of the time.

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*[Reese, Emily Florence] [C.U. Parker] [CAS] [A. L. Hill, H. D. Clarke] [Chicago/ See Iowa List/ See Wisconsin List] [Mar.1906] [married name: Kidder]

*[Reese, John or Johann] [Finger] [CAS] [A. L. Hill; H. D. Clarke] [Danville, Vermillian, Illinois ] [1864]
[W. Finger, farmer, Lostant, Ill. No Children, Adopted two boys, John Reese and John B. Matzen]
The railroad went through Danville, IL. in 1864.

Would like to know if anyone has information of this Finger family in Lostant, IL. in the mid 1800's. We have heard the name of John Finger as the man who adopted Johann, (John), Reese. Also we have heard, through the family coming from John Finger himself, that the _____ Finger family, after his adoption did have their own birthright children.

Any help will be appreciated. It is believed that the adopting family, Finger, later moved to Indiana.

Thank you for any help anyone can give.

Virginia (Finger0Miner [contact link]
Oct 25, 2007 · Reply