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Derived from the Old English and Middle English ford, a shallow place in a stream which can be crossed without a bridge or boat

Name Origin

Topographic name for someone who lived near a ford

Spellings & Pronunciations

Foard, Foord, Foorde, Ford, Forde

Nationality & Ethnicity

England, English

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Henry Ford (1863-1947), American industrialist, founder of the Ford motor company

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Sandy Parse commented on Oct 27, 2009
both my parents were adopted, so our family tree begins with them and ends with 3 children to my biological dad + 2 additionals too mom leaving 5 for the ford side and 3 for mckee side.
we finely found moms birth name by using info on her reissued birth certificate, one that was written up with adoptive parents names on it.
Texas has adoptions sealed and almost impossible to access. (absolutely ridiculous!)
there are 3 of us actively searching to find the family mom rooted from.
It stinks having no real back ground or family history to associate with.
Mom has given up figuring no body wanted her anyway if so we would have found someone searching for her.
But I wont give up our family and history is out there and there has to be a way to find them.
Surely some one is looking for that lost sibling, niece or daughter.
please help.
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