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So I have always wondered where my lineage is from. I only know a few generations, but we are all from Iowa. There have been 4 generations of Gibbs living around union area for more then 100 yrs. I am wondering what came before that? Can anyone out there help?
Apr 26, 2006 · Reply
I never knew my dad, i have only good memories and no pictures. Today august of 2013 my brother Ricky Earl Gibbs notified me of his passing. I'm begging all of you to please send me pictures and all the family tree info you know of, please. My mother Glenda Thomas is not my favorite person so all that links me to him is you Gibbs. I want all to know he has 7 beautiful grandchildren and two angry but still trying kids in Bakersfield Ca, where he left us. I don't want my mothers stories to be my memories so please send me something, like why he died and with who by his side. In 1998 we went to kansas to see my mother and look for him, we found him and he was on the next bus to us. We all spent the day together as family,exchanged info and he was never spoken of again.
Aug 19, 2013 · Reply