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Hutton Last Name History & Origin

Updated Aug 13, 2021


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The average age of a Hutton family member is 69.6 years old according to our database of 8,592 people with the last name Hutton that have a birth and death date listed.


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Anya Hutton-Page commented on Sep 05, 2009
It was Christmas time around 1950 and this is a story my father told me. My father was single and had finished his Christmas Shopping he had just exited a down town department store and happened to notice a young girl around 8 with her face glued to the store's large picture window. She had noticed the newest expensive Betsey Wetsey doll of the season it was Butiful or so the little girl had told her mother a young woman around 28, she was not dressed too warm for the night air. "Maybe Santa will bring me that dolly" the little girl told her mother who smiled sadly and said "Honey we will have to see Daddy is having trouble finding a job and Santa may not have the money this year. My father who was single and making good money as an iron worker told the woman to wait right where she was. He made a mad dash into the store and shortly exited with a box. My father handed the box to the little girl and told her while he was in the store Santa had stopped him and asked him if he would give her this special present, yes you guessed it my dad had purchased that special doll for that little girl for Christmas I still tear up when I hear this story my father was a special man and I still miss him daily even though he passed in 1989.
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