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Updated Dec 28, 2020


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The average age of a Hyde family member is 69.9 years old according to our database of 13,215 people with the last name Hyde that have a birth and death date listed.


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George Hyde commented
The first documented member of the Hyde family in America is believed to have been William Hyde who came with the Rev. Thomas Hooker from England in 1633. He first lived at Newton, Ct. and later at Hartfold. In 1660 he became an original settler of Norowich, Ct. and was the fdirst magistrate of that town. From William Hyde we can document: Jefferson Hyde b. 1819, father of Wesley Hyde b. 1840 (who married Evelyn Taylor b 1849), their children were: Dave and Dolly (twins, who died in childhood and are buried at the City Cemetdery, Marietta, Ga.; Lafayette Hyde (mararied Mary Sangeese). Both are buried at Marieetta, Ga., and kWilliam Thomas Hyde b. 1861, d. 1919, married Sarah Dobbs 1863-1917, theire children weree: George, Desser, Minnie (1884-1983, married Wayman Fowler; Lillie Hyde, m. Tom Bishop b 1888, d. 1903, second marriage to Melvin Harris, b 1883- d 1905, Rose Hyde 1892-1908, married ____McRea, Horace Hyde, Luther (m. Beatrice Mench (Minch?), Margaret Evelyn HOyde b. ? d. 1962, Willie Hyde, married Ralph Totten, Maueie and "Claudie Hyde (twins), Nellie Hyde, Jamese Thomas Hyde 1890 (1892?) - 1964, m. Bessie Kile, 1894-1978. Their children were: Thelma Alwayne Hyde, 1912-1918, Helen Loraine Hyde b. 3-12-14, m. Ross Lamar Brown, Sara Vandelia Hyde, m. Virgil Stephens. Baby girl Hyde b/d 1919, James Thomas Hyde, Jr. m. Laverne Hazel Ward, George Andrew Hyde, July 2, 1923, William Kile m. Geraldine Locke.
Feb 11, 2008  ·  Reply
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