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Updated Jul 31, 2022


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Carlyine Pierce commented on May 05, 2006
According to family history my Lay family came down the tennesee River, from Tennesee to Morgan County, Al. on a flatboat with a Hughes family. Yhey moved on up to Franklin Co.,Al.
Thomas Lay and his wife Martha ? They had a large family, one of which is my g.grandmother Margaret Ann ''Peggy'' Lay, Peggy married George W. Lindley.
Three of her brothers fought in the Civil War for the north. By this time the family was living in Winston Co.,Al. This is the county that wanted to secede from the state and country and become a country of their own. It is still refered to as The Free State of Winston.
Carlyine Gibson Pierce
James Greiner commented on Sep 07, 2009
My father, John Greiner (aka John Lay) was born on February 25, 1941 and was given up for adoption by a Violet Lay who was listed on the adoption papers as the birth mother. I am wondering where my father's side of the family are and who they are. I am 45 years old and living in St. Louis, MO and am wondering if anyone out there knows anything about my father or his birth mother, Violet lay.

Thank you, Jim Greiner
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