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Lutz Last Name History & Origin

Updated Nov 23, 2021


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Name Origin

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Nationality & Ethnicity

General research into the 1800s traces a line of the Lutz family currently living in Western Pennsylvania to Germany and more distantly Prussia. This area of Europe produced many ingenious minds throughout the years. Some more antiquated observation of the name reveals ancestors to be a peaceful agrarian family whose men were willing to fight the common fight of peoples and nations when called upon throughout the centuries.
Still the surname Lutz traces to Germany at least as far back as the 1400s AD. Today, the name is relatively common in Germany, and has been establishment in the United States since the Civil War times throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and Indiana among other States.

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Anne Lutz commented on Oct 28, 2014
Hello , Marcel Charles Lutz born in Bone was my great uncle ! I am the granddaughter of his brother Robert born in Bone too! My father was also born in Algeria in Algiers. I look forward to getting to know my cousins ​​Americans! So, soon I hope. Sorry for my bad '' English '' Anne Lutz
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