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Updated Oct 05, 2020


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Early Lynns

These are the earliest records we have of the Lynn family.

1580 - 1670
1585 - c. 1636
1697 - Unknown
1795 - 1878
1808 - 1877
1812 - 1888
1812 - 1889
1820 - 1888

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Sep 24, 1905 - Unknown
Dec 15, 1961 - Jul 20, 2004
Aug 11, 1906 - May 28, 2004
Apr 17, 1904 - April 1977
Oct 21, 1908 - August 1984
Apr 15, 1926 - Apr 14, 2011
Feb 8, 1897 - Jul 19, 1992
Oct 28, 1897 - Jul 15, 1990
Jan 31, 1929 - Aug 24, 2011
Jan 29, 1964 - Mar 28, 2010
Sep 23, 1920 - Mar 20, 1990
Nov 5, 1893 - February 1973
Mar 25, 1915 - Apr 16, 1992
Nov 4, 1931 - Nov 14, 1995
May 22, 1908 - Jun 27, 2001
c. 1960 - Unknown
c. 1953 - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown
c. 1917 - Unknown

Lynn Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Lynn family member is 70.7 years old according to our database of 14,448 people with the last name Lynn that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

70.7 years

Oldest Lynns

These are the longest-lived members of the Lynn family on AncientFaces.

Aug 14, 1864 - August 1979
114 years
Dec 9, 1888 - Jul 1, 2001
112 years
Feb 25, 1901 - Sep 12, 2006
105 years
Mar 3, 1906 - Mar 4, 2010
104 years
Dec 13, 1882 - July 1986
103 years
Oct 1, 1899 - Mar 21, 2003
103 years
Jun 1, 1905 - Sep 21, 2008
103 years
Jan 31, 1909 - Apr 1, 2011
102 years
Dec 9, 1883 - February 1986
102 years
Jul 24, 1887 - Jul 29, 1989
102 years

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Gerri Lynn
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James Wiley "Jim " Lynn son of Wiley Lynn was born November 10, 1850 in Durham County N.C. and died December 29, 1922 in Whiteville, Columbus County, N.C. He is buried in the Chadbourn cemetery beside his wife Emma , their children and grandchildren.
Jim married Emmaline "Emma" Summersett daughter of John and Caroline Walker Summersett. Emma was born 1847 in Troy, Pike County Alabama and died October 21, 1895. John moved his family to Columbus County about 1850.
Jim and Emma had the following children:
Missouri Lynn born July 20, 1870
Louise Lynn born September 23, 1872. Louise married Stephen Wynn Nance.
John Henry Lynn born September 8, 1874. John married Susan Dawsey of Horry County, S.C.
Minnie Lynn born June 6, 1876. Minnie married James "Guy" Dyson.
Emma A. Lynn born Sept 7, 1878. Emma married Robert "Bob" Dyson.
M. George Lynn born February 14, 1881. George married Kate Unknown.
Martha "Maud" Lynn born May 27, 1883. Maud married Jasper "Jack" Bowen.
Nettie Lynn born September 14, 1885. Nettie married Charles"Charlie" Duncan.
Nellie Lynn born November 28, 1887 and died June 8, 1888.
Owen Lynn born and died March 25, 1889.
Amanda Lillian "Lillie" Lynn born July 27, 1890. Lillie married Marion Stephens.
Lonie Belle Lynn born July 4, 1893. Lonie Belle married Doctor Dozier Mercer.
Eddie Lynn born and died October 19, 1895.

Jim married second Elizabeth "Betty" Bowen daughter of Albert and Effie Annie Hayes Bowen. She was born August 8, 1887 in Columbus County, and died September 16, 1971 in Whiteville, N.C., and is buried in the Union Valley Church Cemetery.

Jim and Betty Lynn had the following children:
James "Carl" Lynn born September 16, 1899. James married Lottie Hilburn, Mae Pridgen & Mary Bell.
Earl Lynn born September 21, 1900.
Annie Gladys Lynn born July 20, 1906. Gladys married Bruce Worrell and Napoleon Shade Powell.

Jim purchased 86 acres of land in the Pine Log Swamp from Joseph Fisher in 1896. Here he built a home for his family on the present Union Valley Road between the Chadbourn Road and Union Valley Church in Columbus County, N.C. At that time crossing the swamp in a wagon one had to zig zag around trees and pass through streams of running water that flowed into Wiggins Lake. Granddad Jim Lynn with a crosscut saw, ax, and mules to haul tree saplings, cut the original road through the Pine Log Swamp. South of his home and beginning on the curve the road slanted down and then climbed to a hill of red clay 50-60 feet in elevation above the swamp. Here Jim laid pine tree saplings, beginning at the bottom and up the hill to give the horses a good "footing" to pull the wagons up the steep incline. Heavy and extended periods of rain caused the hill to be slippery, and my dad Wally Lynn remembers later in the 1920's when his dad Carl Lynn was called out all hours of the night and day to pull a car out of the water or the mire, I wonder how many times Granddad Jim pulled a wagon out? A by-pass road was cut to the left of the hill for heavily loaded wagons/ and later cars when they could not make the steep incline. Travelers had to go about a mile out of the way and once around the hill could turn left and head out to the Chadbourn Road or if they continued straight ahead would be on the now Lawrence Tedder Road. Children on the south side of the swamp had to remove their shoes and socks on the way to school to cross the swamp, here Jim laid large logs along side the road for them to walk on without getting knee deep in water.

There were very few automobiles in the 1920's and dad says "if one passed the house, all of us ran to the front door to see it".

Jim helped build the road North from his home on the present Union Valley Road to Union Valley Church, and was one of the volunteers who helped Swift Ernest Pridgen, Sr. build the original wood church at Happy Hill.
Jim was a parent supporter of the Happy Hill School that was located on the present cemetery grounds of Union Valley Baptist Church where his children and grandchildren attended school.

Columbus County's "Lynn Hill Road" was named in remembrance of Jim Lynn. It is located just off the Union Valley Road near the overpass bridge.

I am proud to be the great-granddaughter of Jim Lynn. He was a honest, hardworking, considerate and a "Git" it done man. Jim Lynn's road through Pine Log Swamp was a blessing to the residents of the area and Columbus County.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
PatsyJoReed Sircy
145 favorites
18 March 2000 --- "One-Way Tickets"

Not everyone who went West from
Tennessee and other parts of the Southeast
went by wagon train, following the deep ruts
of those who had gone to seek their fortunes!
My mother's uncle, James Radford Lynn, follow-
ed his dream to California in another man's
brand-new Chevrolet car, with his wife and
children in tow. Brina Ellen Berry, his wife,
was my father's aunt, daughter of a Cumberland
Presbyterian preacher. Jackson Co. Tennessee
did not offer enough for the couple to ignore
the stories of success that made their way back
Elmer Warren was a neighbor of the Lynn
and Berry families in Tennessee, and he had been
North to seek his escape to a better life in
Detroit, Michigan. Many people he knew had
made the same move, never to return home, but
Elmer came home. Elmer packed his belongings
into his new car, and headed back to Jackson
County, laid off from his job and dissolutioned!
Elmer was satisfied to call Tennessee "home"
for about 60 years, after leaving Detroit, often
recalling the travel stories to Brina's nephew,
"Buster' Barlow. Elmer frequently was summon-
ed to the Barlow home to fetch his hound dog
home, and would share a visit, and memories.
Bedford Lynn, brother to Radford, was
living in California, as well as nephews, and
other family and friends. Radford made arrange-
ments with Elmer Warren to drive the Lynn
family to California (in the brand-new Chevrolet
car). The Lynns lived out their lives, raised their
family, died, and were burried in Calfornia, but
were always (and still are) in the hearts of the
Tennessee relatives. Lucille, Jimmie, Katrina,
Ralph, and Eloise all stayed in California.....
(Jimmie and Ralph are both deceased, and the
others have their own families near them), and
as I write this, I cannot stop the stream of tears!
My tears are shed because TICKETS to the golden
dreams to our lives are usually ONE-WAY. Some-
one moves on, someone gets left behind. Cracks
in broken hearts never really heal, a scar just
forms to fill the rift!
Elmer Warren sold that car in California
(for more money than he paid for it new in
Detroit), and he bought a special gift for his
family, his own train ticket home to Tennessee,

NOTE: My cousin, Hugh "Buster" Barlow told me
the story of how our cousins went to California
(by telephone) last Sunday. I thank God every
day for my wonderful family, and their love for
me, and each other!!
May 19, 2006 · Reply
PatsyJoReed Sircy
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by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

When I was just a babe in arms,

You sheltered me from all the harms;

You tucked me in, and fixed a light,

In case I was frightened in the night.

A MOTHER'S LOVE will never die,

You still reach out whene'r I cry;

As through the paths of life I've trod,

You've made me know the Face of GOD.

Now you are Up There, side-by-side,

And still I know you are my guide;

It took me years to realize,

That was HIM there in your eyes.

Now I know you're in the plan,

You're part of GOD, I think a Hand;

MOTHER, dear, I know you're not gone,

You're the Hand that waits to lift me HOME!

30 APR. 1990
IMO Eliza Jo LYNN Reed,
my mother
Jul 16, 2006 · Reply
PatsyJoReed Sircy
145 favorites
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

Wish I could turn time back to when,

I stayed all day with Roger Lynn;

I'd always try to miss the bus,

I knew he'd laugh, and play with us!

"No idea why hair is pink, weren't up all night,

Halfway to Linda's when the bus came in sight";

Summer meant watermelon on the porch,

Then "Hit the RIVER, before you scorch!"

Swam up RIVER with "TARZAN" Roger Lynn,

ROUND RIVER ROCK, when I rub it, tunes me in;

One memory trip, I'll never, ever go,

That stupid early morning rooster's crow!

in my memory bank, GOLD and GEMS abound,

I fished today where the RIVER curves 'round;

Bobby's still sleepy, Gwen's still in a flutter,

We'd still steal a snack, biscuits and butter!

The mules are watchful, lest they get a surprise,

Town Girl, from loft, dropped in 'fore their eyes;

If I could turn it, back time would go,

To my visits with Roger, and my friend, Betty Jo!

20 APRIL 1996
Jul 16, 2006 · Reply
PatsyJoReed Sircy
145 favorites
by- Patsy Jo Reed Sircy

My MAMA said you belonged to me,
An extra SISTER from GOD, you see;
She told me JESUS picked your Mother, and your little Twin,
To be with HIM forever, where we all will live again.
She daydreamed a padded rocker, her smiling SISTER, patting lap,
Where our brothers, tired of playing, wrapped in LOVE, could take a nap;
"Show the babies to our Mother", whispered message, secret shared,
"I'll watch the girls till we can join you, remember all to be compared."
"I couldn't come at once, when you called me to your side,"
"It was too late when I could travel. Did you know my baby died?"
"I still could intercept your message, I heard it floating on a breeze,"
"Yes, your girl will be my daughter, till there's no rocks, grass, or trees!
With missing spokes and broken hearts, our family wheel went bumping on,
Both the SISTERS LOVED the BABIES, ever gentle like a fawn;
We three girls have grown into women, each a beacon for the right,
Our own children's education, our concern, both day and night.
As my Mother's health was failing, yours reached down and took her hand,
"Don't be frightened, I will guide you, we are on the Family plan";
When my Mother joined her Sister, tears of joy fell all around,
As they chat and rock the babies, Grandma's wheel is once more round.
At the window, one big Family on a crowded cloud, with lots to tell,
Save some places for three SISTERS, PAT and RUTH, and their LONNELL;
Let's make a pact to take a message, delivered by the first to go,
"We sure LOVE you, scoot up closer, we're all coming HOME, you know!"

29 AUG. 1996
for my LYNN cousin,
Ida Ruth RAWLEY Gentry
Jul 16, 2006 · Reply

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