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Machado Last Name History & Origin

Updated Oct 28, 2021


Machado is a surname of Portuguese and Spanish origin meaning the word "axe" or "hatchet" dating back to approximately 2nd century Europe. It is commonly found in Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Latin America, and India (southern Tamil Nadu) due to the Portuguese and Spanish colonization during the age of discovery. It can also be found in Macao, China and several former Portuguese territories in Africa. Machado[1] meaning axe. In Aramaic Makkaba and Modern Hebrew Makebet – also spelled Machabees – it is the surname of Judas Machabee, that was later extended to all the descendants of Matityahu ben Yoḥanan HaKohen, head of the Hasmonean family, who had five sons. Jewish Encyclopedia reveals faithfully five hammers hatchets[2] for this Coat of Arm family’s surname. The surname may be associated with Jewish background as listed in Archivio di Stato di Genova, Comunità Israelitica di Genova.[3] (State Arquives of Genova – Israelite Community of Genova). Jews are attested in Genova since Roman times. Two letters written in the years 507 and 511 by Theodoric, the Ostrogothian king, speak about "jura veterum" (old rights) of the Jews and the right to "rebuild" the roof of the synagogue given to the Jews of Genova. This surname is one of the most frequent found in documents from Genova’s Synagogue (Italy).The Machados in India were populated after the conversion of Paravar race of Tuticorin (District of Tamil Nadu in India) to Catholicism by the Portuguese in the year 1532, a few years after they began trading in India.

Name Origin

The word machado means axe in Portuguese.

Spellings & Pronunciations

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Nationality & Ethnicity

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Famous People named Machado

otable people with the surname include:

Alicia Machado, Venezuelan Miss Universe
Anderson Machado, United States baseball player
Antonio Machado, Spanish poet
Bernardino Machado, Portuguese statesman
Celso Machado, Brazilian musician and composer
China Machado, fashion model, editor, television producer
Cristian Machado, Brazilian heavy metal singer
Djair Baptista Machado, Brazilian footballer
Félix Machado, Venezuelan boxer
Gerardo Machado, Cuban independence hero and politician
Gustavo Machado, Venezuelan politician
Honorio Machado, Venezuelan racing cyclist
Israel Machado, Brazilian basketball player
Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, Brazilian writer
J. P. Machado, American football player
Julio Machado, Venezuelan baseball player
Justina Machado, United States actress
Leandro Machado, Brazilian footballer
Leandro Ruiz Machado, Brazilian water polo player
Luis Alberto Machado, Venezuelan Minister of Intelligence
Manny Machado, United States baseball player
Manuel Machado, Spanish writer
Marcelo Machado, Brazilian basketball player
María Corina Machado, Venezuelan politician
Octávio Machado, Portuguese footballer and coach
Paulo Machado, Portuguese footballer
Priscila Machado, Miss Brazil 2011
Rob Machado, United States surfer
Robert Machado, Venezuelan baseball player
Rod Machado, United States pilot
Rui Machado, Portuguese tennis player
Teresa Machado, Portuguese Olympic athlete
Tiago Machado, Portuguese road racing cyclist
Tina Machado, American businesswoman and Miss Hawaii USA 1985
Mateus Machado, Canadian Call Centre Legend
The Machado brothers, Brazilian jiu-jitsu teachers and competitors
Rigan Machado
Carlos Machado
Jean Jacques Machado
Joaquim Germano Pinto Machado Correia da Silva, Portuguese Governor of Macau

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Machado Family Members

Surnames: Ma - Machenheimer

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