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I have always wanted to make a family tree but my dad doesn't know any of his family apart from his mother, auntie's and sisters so it's quite difficult to do it with so few people. My gran keeps quiet about her family for unknown reasons no matter how much I ask. I've always been curious on where I'm from and who my ancestors were but without names or details I'm at a loss. If anybody recognises any names or details please feel free to get in touch as I would love to know more information.

My grandmother is Rossetta Magee. Her mother married and had her 2 half sisters, one of them by the name of Mary. Their father passed away and her mother re-married after several years to an Irish man who's surname is Magee and my gran was born at this point in 1922. My gran's mother is scottish and lived in Port Glasgow. She passed away when my gran was 3 yrs old. I've been told different stories about my gran's upbringing, one of them is she was brought up in Ireland, others have said she was born in Ireland but grew up in Port Glasgow. Again I don't know for sure the details as my gran keeps quiet about it.

When she was 17 she had my auntie Maggie outside wedding lock so she was born as Margaret Magee. Then as my gran was 20 she had my dad, Arthur Magee. Again my gran has kept quiet about my dads dad and my auntie's dad, although I personally believe they have the same father as they look so alike. I don't know their surnames, nationalities, nothing. My auntie and dad grew up in an orphanage. Again I've heard different stories on the reason for this and whenever I mention it to my gran she doesn't agree or disagree to it. She ended up having a second daughter at 23, my auntie Joyce. Although again she had Joyce outside wedding lock she wasn't born as Magee, she was born under her father's surname. My gran kept quiet to Joyce that she had a brother and sister.

On my dads 9th Christmas he got a Christmas card saying, 'Merry Christmas, love from mum'. To that day both him and Maggie had no idea they had parents. My gran got in contact with them and as far as I know when my dad was about 14 he started working and left the orphanage. Both him and Maggie moved in with my gran and Joyce found out she had a brother and sister. Things didn't go well between Maggie and my gran, they kept having arguments and fell out over and over again. She married a londoner and moved to Essex where she had my cousins. My auntie Joyce stayed in Port Glasgow and married and had my cousins there and my dad married moved to Aberdeenshire where I was born with my brother and sister.

It upsets my dad that he doesn't know much about his family but when he married my mum he looked at her family as his family. Whenever he asks about his grandad or his dad he gets the same answer, 'tall, dark and handsome'.
Jun 28, 2007 · Reply