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Maness Last Name History & Origin

Updated Apr 14, 2020


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Early Manesses

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Maness Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Maness family member is 70.4 years old according to our database of 3,141 people with the last name Maness that have a birth and death date listed.


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Sandra Hall commented on Mar 13, 2008
I have found an old cemetary in the woods (literally) in Mississippi. Only a few stones remain. One is for G.H. Maness, son of D & M Maness, died in 1912. Someone at some time has erected a fence around the grave to protect it I assume. Nobody locally knows anything about this cemetary. The old folks have all passed on. I am very curious about it and also would like to preserve it as much as I can. It is not platted and the loggers will get to it sooner or later. There are Manesses in the phone book in Tunica and Olive Branch but nobody knows anything about it. Please reply if you have a clue..Thanks
Dominic Calabrese commented on Jul 20, 2014
Hello, Frank Maness was my grandfather and I'm curious about his family background. Is he part of the family that traces its roots to North Carolina? Do I have a great great grandmother named Smith?
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