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Updated Feb 23, 2022


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Lisa Meeker Hathaway commented on Jun 17, 2012
Thrygve C J Mark was born Feb 26 1988 and died Feb 1969. His parents were Hans Peter Jensen Mark (1847-?) and Josephine Christiansen (1851-?). They were married about 1871 and immigrated to America. Peter in 1880 and Josephine in 1884 if the census records are correct. Hans Peter Jenson added Mark to his last name when he emigrated from Norway. On the 1910 US Census he uses the surname Jensen while the 1900 Census uses the Surname Mark. His son's Thrygve and Herman both have a middle Initial J which probably stands for Jensen. I am trying to find more information on this family as their eldest daughter Elvira Helena married John File Meeker, and their son Thrygve is my grandfather. We were told that the name Thrygve meant "Sun" in Norwegian but I have not found the name in the norwegian name sites I have looked at. Lisa Kae Meeker Hathaway [contact link]
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