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Bryon Mathena
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here is my record of her and brothers, sister, father and mother. you cand go to my web page on rootsweb. BRYON MATHENA
john Renshaw MCCLURE[1] was born 12 May 1791 in Tazwell, Va. He died 30 Apr 1867 in Tazwell, Va.
John married[1] Oliva MARRS[1], daughter of James MARRS and Sarah (Sally) Sally WORKMAN, on 10 Mar 1839 in Tazwell, Va. Oliva was born 4 Nov 1814 in Tazwell, Va. She died 4 Jan 1906 in Tazewell Co., Wva.
They had the following children:
+ 2 F i. Maria Louise MCCLUREMaria Louise MCCLURE was born 9 May 1841 and died 1904.
3 M ii. Flamust Sephus (Flavias MCCLURE[1] was born 5 Jul 1842 in Tazwell, Va. He died 3 Oct 1920.
Flamust married[1] (1) Mary CANDY[1] on 25 Mar 1864.
Flamust also married[1] (2) Mary J. (Walrend) WATROND[1] on 31 Mar 1864.
+ 4 F iii. Josephine Nicatie MCCLUREJosephine Nicatie MCCLURE was born 15 Sep 1843 and died 3 Mar 1911.
+ 5 F iv. Harriett Tennesse MCCLUREHarriett Tennesse MCCLURE was born 13 Jan 1845 and died 30 Mar 1911.
6 F v. Emily Carline MCCLURE[1] was born 18 Oct 1847 in Tazwell, Va. She died 28 Oct 1930.
Emily married[1] Ballard R. MYERS[1] on 1 Oct 1868 in Tazewell Co., Va.
7 M vi. Winfield Scoth MCCLURE[1] was born 24 Aug 1853 in Tazwell, Va. He died Sep 1927.
Winfield married[1] Martely ROSE[1].
+ 8 M vii. Framont Clay MCCLUREFramont Clay MCCLURE was born 22 Sep 1855 and died 1 Jan 1909.
9 F viii. Nettie Aequssnal MCCLURE[1] was born 1857 in Tazwell, Va. She died 1862.
10 F ix. Cidy Moselie America MCCLURE[1] was born 1860 in Tazwell, Va. She died 1862.
11 F x. Flavous Josephus MCCLURE[1] was born 5 Jul 1842 in Tazewell Co., Va.
Flavous married[1] Mary J. WALROND[1] on 31 Mar 1864 in Tazewell Co., Va.
12 F xi. Mademmoiselle A. MCCLURE[1] was born Sep 1859 in Tazewell Co., Va.
Jun 02, 2014 · Reply
Brandi Parker
3 favorites
what is fronia mcclure parents names
May 01, 2014 · Reply

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