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We're new to this- only just beginning to research my husband's family's ancestry. Here is some info:

*Benjamin McEwen- (my husband) born October 3, 1975 in SLC, Utah.
*Clement F. McEwen- (Ben's father) born Jan 4, 1951 in SLC, Utah. Grew up in Panguitch, UT.
*Clement _ McEwen- (Clem's father) born __? . Married Irene (parents were James Frank Houston & Roene Syrett) Houston on September 7, 1938 in Panguitch, UT. Lived in Panguitch, UT. Both deceased.
*Edward McEwen- (Clement Sr.'s father) born __? in Beaver, UT (from what we've been told). We were also told Edward moved and helped to settle the town of Panguitch, UT at some point, don't know the exact year. His house still stands, as does Clem Sr.'s house in Panguitch, UT.

Anyone with any information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!
Apr 16, 2009 · Reply