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George W. Newberry b: 1846 in Wheatland Twnshp, WI. Married to Martha A. Matteson b: May 22 in East Troy, WI m: May 26, 1869 in Honey Creek, Walworth County, WI

George Newberry enlisted September 3, 1864. He was in the Civil War, Company H, Wisconsin 5th Regiment, First Division, Sixth Corps. I am possession of a copy of his discharge papers. Also have pictures of him in his uniform before and after the Civil War.
George Newberry was engaged in the Battles of the Wilderness in Virginia.
He was discharged as a Private. His discharge paper has the following written by a commanding officer, "Participated with his company in the following engagements: Hatchers Run, February 6, 7, 1865 -- Charge before Fort Fisher, March 28, 1865-- Sailors (Saylors) Creek ..(eligible)..April 6, 1865--Charge before Fort Fisher Petersburg (possibly with a correction, reads April 1 and 2, 1865). The charge before Sailors (Saylors) Creek was the last one made by the Union forces against General Lee."
George was a teacher at the Pawnee Indian Reservation and his son Frank was noted as being the first white child born in that place.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply
James Newberry b: August 18, 1740 in England d: November 27, 1776 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was married to Jane Rogers m: 1769

James Newberry was drafted into English Service in 1765 and deserted the English Army in 1767, while stationed near Boston. After deserting, he went to New Jersey where he was married to Jane Rogers in 1769. He entered the American service in June 1775.
James Newberry was aid de camp under George Washington during the Battles of White Plains and Long Island.
James Newberry died as a British prisoner. Captured at the Battle of White Plains and died a month later at a British Prison at Halifax, Nova Scotia on November 27, 1776.
Dec 01, 2002 · Reply