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Updated Aug 06, 2022


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Surnames: Oradom - Ordenado

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The average age of a Orbison family member is 73.6 years old according to our database of 111 people with the last name Orbison that have a birth and death date listed.


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Nancy Orbison commented on Dec 28, 2004
Iam not an orbison by birth,as originally thought(I never said I was)>Iam a Jones,but I was born in the US(I think)My mother was very secretive.She died under some else's name.She claimed to have been born and went to school under Willie Bell.Hamilton.Her parents were Amos Hamilton and Alberta Freeman,though I have found no proof yet.Iam still searching.she said her father,Amos Hamilton,was born in England,to an English father,and a Colored-Welsh mother,but she wouldn't tell me the dats they came to the US,along with Amos's sister alice,and brothers Carey and Albert.Ihave no photos of them.Domino Jones is my real name.

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