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Updated Sep 14, 2021


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Elaine Kennedy commented
He Never Got the Father of the Year Award but He sure was the Apple of My Eye .
He Loved People and it Showed. He was a lot of Fun to be with . He just didn't Know How to be a Husband and a Father. He had a Hard Life as a Boy Growing up. He was a Hard Worker and Loved by Everyone who Knew Him. He never Met a Stranger That he didn't Make friends With. He was a buddy to Everyone He would Give you the Shirt of His Back. Shelby Ray is Just Like Him He Was a Buddy to Daddy and a Son After Shelby Got Grown they were Running Buddies. As they say 2 Peas in a Pod. He helped Aunt Bootie Ivey and the Grand Kids alot. He went to the Dump and got Old Bikes and Repaired them and Painted them to Give to Doug Ivey i think it was and i think another one of them also. Daddy could rig up anything and make it work. I remember he rigged up a telephone one time from Dave's House To Glady's House so when they wanted to talk they could. Well all the Boys took after Him in that way. My Daddy was a Very Neat Person and a Good Looking Man. I remember one time Him and i was coming home from Grandmaws in Leesville ,Texas and there was some Old Black Man he knew and Daddy told me Sister put you hand flat of the seat and keep them against him and me touching Both of us and watch this I gonna Give Him a Ride of His Life He Will Never Forget I told Him Daddy Please don't Hurt Him He May Kill Us. He Laughed and said No Sister He is a Good Man I said Maybe Not For Long. Daddy Said i Know Him Well He is a Friend. well Daddy had aHot Seat Rigged up in his Old Model T or Model A Ford I don't know the difference it had a Old Rummble Seat in Back. Daddy was real long Legged He had a big Black Button on the Stearing Wheel and when he Hit it would Shock the two on the outside . That poor Old Black Man was Screaming Mr.Rhoades You seat is Biten me, oh Mr.Rhoades, if i ever get out this car i will never ride with you again all Daddy could do is Laugh. But they were long time Friends . This was My Daddy. Full of Life Till Cancer struck Him. Lord I Love and Miss My Daddy so Much. Wrote By the Oldest Daughter , Elaine Kennedy ............Oh How I Love And Miss My Daddy......
Aug 12, 2003  ·  Reply
Elaine Kennedy commented
The Precious Memories Of My Loving Father Unk Rhoades ... William Edgar Rhoades He always Loved Playing Pranks on His Family and Friends. one story i Remember Being Told on Him was A Real Good family Friend for Life was Antone Malatek Anton wanted a car Daddy had real Bad and when He told Daddy Daddy said No the Motor Is Missing and Missing Bad well back then it was Just a minor tune up deal Points Plugs ect. well " Tony " as we called Him went to Town Bought all the Things he needed for a tune up and when he came back raised the Hood there was No Motor Daddy went to making noises with His Mouth Like always when Tony start and Daddy told Him I told you the Motor was missing and Missing Bad. this was My Daddy. Things was fine great friends. this was my Daddy always Playing Pranks on His Family and Friends. They all Loved Him. By His Oldest Daughter Layne God I Love And Miss My Daddy
Aug 12, 2003  ·  Reply
Elaine Kennedy commented
She was a Precious Lady and a Wonderful Grand Mother We just had so Little Time Together She died so Young. I can Just see Her Now going to feed her chickens with her Little appron on and her old Rubber Boots to big on her Little Feet and you could just hear them going up and down on Her little ole Feet. Her Telling me Sister watch for Snakes. Her caring Water and scrapes for the chickens. When we went to Town I was so Happy I got .25 Cents for candy are what ever I wanted I was rich . Well back then That was a Lot. She was the Apple Of My Eye Lord How I Miss Her Love Her so much. Little Young Bucks Is What she Called the Boys{ My Brothers } Mothers Brother Berry Irle on His Birthday Grandmaw always Made Him A Pineapple up side down Cake. She always came to Town and Had Dinner With Us and Brought His Cake to Him. She was A West Girl one of William Oliver West and Susan Laura Caraway.
Aug 12, 2003  ·  Reply
Elaine Kennedy commented
Oh how i wish i could be able to see her again ,and hear Her say You little Young Bucks If you Know whats good for you ,You better go to Sleep. And Get to eat Her great home made cooking Just one More time. There was a few Cousins who were so Happy about Grandmaw But that Side of Her i Never saw Of Her. Maybe it was Because she gave me some Attention That i was never Use to . She was a Stern Grandmaw you better do what she said are else. She was the Love Of My Life But you know She Never Said The Word I Love You But I Felt it very Much From Her. They were Not the Loving , Touching ,And Careing Type .
Sep 25, 2003  ·  Reply
Elaine Kennedy commented
I can Just hear her now saying you Little Young Bucks Better Get quiet if you know what is good for you and go to Sleep. Oh how i Loved to set at her big ole Long Table with a long Bench on the back side of the Table. Her Cooking was the best ever Her Bacon and eggs and great home made Buscuits with Gravy. I can Just see her run her Buscuit threw the greese in the Skillet now. Her big cut long tators Fried. Her Great upside down Pineapple Cake. Back then they all could cook so good. Her Pretty home made Quilts. She left us just to Young , I was Only 18 years and Almost 2 Months old when Grandmaw Died. She Died 1 Week to the day Before my Oldest Son Was Born. She died 14 August 1956 , My oldest Son Doug was Born 21 August 1956. She was My Honey. we would go to town and she would give me a Quarter I thought i was so Rich well Back then i Guess we were for a quarter you could get 25 Pieces of bubble Gum are 25 Pieces of penny candy. Lord I miss her so and Love her to Death. SHE WAS THE APPLE OF MY EYE
Sep 25, 2003  ·  Reply
Elaine Kennedy commented
When Mother and Daddy Separated I can Remember Going to bed Crying and Feeling so all alone, I felt Like there was a empty Place in My Heart. I Had Lost My Best Friend In the world When My Daddy Left Home. He meant The World to Me even though He Never said the Words I Love You, But He Would Listen To Me What Ever I Had To Say What Ever I Had To Say Was Important To Him Are He acted Like It Anyway. I Had a lot of Guilt From Mother and Daddy SeparatingWhy I Don't Know I Felt so all alone in This Big Old World Without My Daddy. Daddy's are Always suppose to Take Care Of Their Little Girls. Lord I Love And Miss My Daddy. Wrote For William Edgar Rhoades By His Oldest Daughter Elaine Kennedy Wrote on 11 August 1995
Oct 24, 2003  ·  Reply
Elaine Kennedy commented
As a Child I can Remember Telling Mother I can't do My Home Work and sulling up she would slap me and tell me Yes you can and you are. I have Lots of Bad Memories as a Child Growing up but I'm Trying to Focus on the Good Memories of My Parents from now On. Well I got Slapped in the Head a time are Two with the Comb for Not Standing Still when Mother was trying to Comb My Hair it was long She told Daddy if He Didn't get me a Hair Brush She was getting it cut He Told Her She Better Not Well She Did. I Guess all Families Has Their Up's and Down's at Times. There was 6 Of us Kids Growing Up So Mother Had Her Hands Full. Daddy Worked But He also Played Hard. But We Loved Him So Much. I Remember I Gave Mother 3 Days to get My Wedding Dress Made But, She Sure Done It Plus She Had My Cake Made and Every Thing Else She was a real Trooper. I Remember When My 1st Husband and I was Married Our Baby was Out of Milk and Baby Food and Mother and Daddy Robert came and Bought us a Big Bill Of Groceries and The Baby Milk and Food and I told Her she Shouldn't worry about Us Grown Ones . I was Just Worried About My Baby. She said She Couldn't and Wouldn't do That. Mother Was A Very Loving and Careing Person. Daddy Was To In His Own Way I Guess. He Done The Best with His Raising He Had As A Child. Lord I Love And Miss These Two Very Special People In My Life. 17 August 2003 Wrote For My Mother Joyce & Unk By: Their Oldest Daughter Layne Kennedy
Oct 24, 2003  ·  Reply
Elaine Kennedy commented
My Daddy Had To Grow Up Without A Daddy. Life is so Unfair But Who are We to Judge: My Daddy was a fun Person and Everyone Loved Him That Knew Him He Never Met A Stranger that He Didn't Make Friends With. He Never Was a Home Person and A Family Man But That Doesn't Stop Me From Loving Him , He Was The Apple Of My Eye. His Daddy Was sent To The State Hospital When He Was A Kid Growning Up. I know How Hard it Must of Been On Him To Know It. He Had 2 Real Close Cousins Whom Helped Him Get Threw it I Guess You Might Say. Very good Men Reuben Rhoades ,And Hubert Rhoades All 3 Of these Men are Dead Now But could they all Tell You Some Stories Of Pranks That They Pulled Together. Wished I Had Know Long Ago How Precious These Memories would Of Been Years Later. Well as they Say We Live And We Learn Till The Day We Die. My Daddy Had To Die So Young But so Did The Rest Of Them. he Was A Hard Worker and Would Do Anything For Anyone This Was My Daddy " Unk" Rhoades. Oh The Stories These Three Could Tell. I Can Just Hear and see These Three Now setting around the Table Telling of the Meanest they Use To get in But it was Nothing Bad just Pranks they would Pull On their Friends If they Liked you would Know it Lol. Wrote By : Elaine Kennedy For Her Precious Daddy " Unk" Rhoades August 17 2003 .... Sunday 6:47 p.m.
Feb 21, 2004  ·  Reply
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