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Henry H. Roark was born about 1845 I think his fathers name was Barney. He married Mary Poe Roark. They are buried at Sarepta Cemetery in Stewart, Ms. She Died 1915 and he died about 1925. Henry fought with the 5th Ms. Calvary during the Civil War. This unit was formed in Carroll County, Ms. The Commanding Officer was Col. JZ George later Senator. Henry fought in North Ala. where he was shot and taken captive. He was later paroled back to Jackson, Ms. He then went back to the Srtewart, Ms. area where he lived out the rest of his life. He recieved a pension from the State Of Ms. This was all found in the Ms. Archives in Jackson. He has a CSA Headstone. I hoope someone reads this that can tell me more about the family as I am his great grandson but I have recently found other direct lines of Roarks still living in Ms.
Mar 26, 2009 · Reply
The story that was past down through the generations til now was there 4 brothers came from Ireland to America. Started a powder factory in North Carolina their names were,Michael, Elijah, David and John. They were full Irish, and Catholics but John changed the name to Roark and left the church for he couldnt agree with it. None of these names are of my origin but maybe related somehow I am Jesse Roarks Charles son , ggggrandaughter in Oklahoma. Hope more Roarks join in and share stories soon. Carol Roark Pelkey
Sep 20, 2005 · Reply