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Updated Dec 03, 2018


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Early Roots

These are the earliest records we have of the Root family.

1618 - Nov 25, 1692
1642 - 1687
1644 - Nov 27, 1711
1661 - Aug 9, 1731
1667 - 1709
1701 - Unknown
1702 - Apr 4, 1789
1702 - Unknown
1709 - Unknown
1713 - Unknown

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Unknown - Unknown
Apr 5, 1909 - March 1990
Oct 23, 1883 - October 1962
Sep 12, 1928 - Jan 28, 1996
Nov 25, 1921 - Mar 11, 1992
Feb 25, 1892 - September 1984
Aug 15, 1910 - Aug 3, 1998
Jun 2, 1904 - May 1986
May 13, 1913 - May 1992
Nov 18, 1925 - Jun 23, 2003
Jun 8, 1945 - Jun 7, 2008
Oct 24, 1925 - Jul 11, 1989
Aug 23, 1910 - Feb 13, 1997
Aug 27, 1878 - March 1969
Apr 15, 1900 - August 1986
Jun 30, 1918 - Jan 1, 2003
c. 1962 - Unknown
c. 1951 - Unknown
Dec 31, 1969 - Mar 1, 1957
c. 1897 - Unknown

Root Death Records & Life Expectancy

The average age of a Root family member is 73.0 years old according to our database of 8,496 people with the last name Root that have a birth and death date listed.

Life Expectancy

73.0 years

Oldest Roots

These are the longest-lived members of the Root family on AncientFaces.

Apr 18, 1574 - Jun 3, 1683
109 years
Dec 11, 1891 - Sep 6, 1999
107 years
Feb 11, 1897 - Jun 21, 2004
107 years
Dec 21, 1903 - Dec 31, 2009
106 years
Jun 11, 1890 - Dec 25, 1994
104 years
Oct 15, 1898 - Feb 3, 2003
104 years
Jan 15, 1879 - December 1982
103 years
Jan 10, 1889 - October 1992
103 years
Jan 5, 1878 - August 1981
103 years
Jun 8, 1901 - Aug 26, 2004
103 years

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Hannah Haynes Root was born the 9th of July 1662 in Northampton, Hampshire County Massachusetts.
• Hannah is one of six children born to Joseph Root and Hannah Haynes.
o Her siblings were: Joseph, Thomas, John, Sarah and Hezekiah.
• Hannah married John Hutchinson in Northampton, Hampshire County Massachusetts on the 27th of December 1682.
o John and Hannah had nine children; John, Jonathan, Hannah, Joseph, Thankful, Hezekiah, Aaron, Mary and Moses.
o The first six children were born in Northampton; his seventh child was born in Lebanon, location of birth for the final two has not been found.
• Hannah died on the 2nd of November 1729 in Hebron, Windham County Connecticut.
o She was 67 years old.

Joseph Root was born in 1640 in Farmington, Hartford County Connecticut.
• Joseph is one of seven children born to John Root and Mary Thomas Kilbourne.
o His siblings were: Thomas, John, Jonathan, Hezekiah, Jacob, and Sarah.
• Joseph married Hannah Haynes on the 30th of December 1660 in Northampton, Hampshire County Massachusetts.
o He is also reported to have been married to a Mary Holton.
o Joseph and Hannah had six children; Hannah, Joseph, Thomas, John, Sarah and Hezekiah.
• Joseph died on the 18th of December1739 in Northampton, Hampshire Massachusetts.
o He is also reported as having died on the 19th of April 1711.
o He was 77 years old.

Thomas Root was born in 1605 in Badby Northamptonshire England.
• He is one of eight children born to john Root and Ann Burrell.
• He married Mary Thomas Kilbourne (Daughter of Thomas Kilbourne and Frances Moody) in 1639 while in England.
o They had seven children: Joseph, Thomas, John, Jonathan, Hezekiah, Jacob, and Sarah.
• He came to Salem Massachusetts in 1637 settling at Hartford.
• He participated in the Pequot War.
• In 1654 he moved his family to Northampton Massachusetts which was at that time known as Nonotook.
• He was a farmer and a weaver of cloth.
• He was one of the seven pillars of the church organized in Northampton.
• Thomas died on the 17 July 1694 in Badby Northamptonshire England.

John Root (May be spelled Roote) was born on the 26th of February 1576 in Badby, Northants County England.
• John is the only known child of Thomas Root and Ann Burrell.
• John Root married Mary Ann Russell (William Francis Russell and Ann Forester) on the 23rd of July 1600 in Badby Northampton Northamptonshire Massachusetts.
o John and Mary had eight children; John, Samuel, Thomas, Mary, Stephen, Susannah, Joseph and Caleb.
o His wife arrived in America aboard the ship
• He was adopted by his father’s brother who insisted John join Cromwell’s Army.
• John was the American Progenitor, the start of the Root family in this country.
• John was a peaceable man and joined a company of Puritans bound for America. He was one of the first settlers at Farmington, Connecticut in 1640.
• According to [external link] The First Settlers of the Colony of Windsor- John Root is listed as well as Thomas Root
o Report says he settled there in 1656, was a juror in 1671 and was made free in 1663.
• John Root died on the 16th of August of 1664 in Farmington, Hartford County Connecticut.
o He was 76 years old.

Thomas Root was born in 1555 in Badby, Northamptonshire County England.
• No information has been found for Parents or siblings.
• Thomas married Ann Burrell about 1575 in Church Virgin Mary, Bagby, Northamptonshire, Massachusetts. He then married his second wife Francis Russell.
• Thomas Root died on the 5th of April 1609 at Northamptonshire County England
o Thomas is buried in the Church Yard.
o He was 54 years old.

The Root family is listed as one of the early settlers in the “A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, before 1692.

• According to the Records of Farmington Vol 11, Oct 1857 P 323-328 –
o [external link]
o The Number of such as are in Full Communion in the Church in Farmington, March 1, 1679 / 1680: Listed here was John Root, senior, and his wife.
o Stephen Root and his wife Sara Root who joined the church on May 10th 1691.
o Joseph Root and his wife Elizabeth Root joined the church April 17th 1692.
o Mary Root, the wife of John Root, daughter to John Woodruff, joined to the church here, Oct 30th 1692
o The wife of Caleb Root joined to us March 30th 1696/1697. (No First or maiden name listed.)
o Timothy, John and Mary Root, children of Stephen Root, baptized May 17th 1691.
o Elizabeth Root, daughter of Joseph Root, baptized June 26 1692.
o Joseph Root, son of John Root, grandchild to John Woodruff, baptized March 19 1692/1693.
o Sarah Root, daughter of Stephen Root, Baptized December 17th 1693.
o Mary Root, daughter of Joseph Root, baptized Feb 11 1693/1694.
o Samuel Root, son of John Root, baptized August 16 1696.
o Mary Root, daughter of Caleb Root, baptized April 4 1697.

• According to a catalogue of the names of the first Puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut: [external link]
o Root, John 1656, Juror in ’71. John, of Farmington, made free in 1663.
o Root, Thomas Hartford, 1639 – in the land division in ’39.

(Note information from [external link] web site does not line up with other sites I have found. Further research needs to be conducted to see which the valid data is.

[external link]
[external link]
[external link]~nyterry/root/root.html
[external link]
[external link]
[external link]~nyoswego/biographies/root.html
[external link]

The Root name is believed to be of Teutonic origin, derived from the German Rot meaning red or ruddy and the Old Saxon word Rod defined as gay or cheerful.
Books used for Research

No additional information has been found for the Root name. Further research will need to be conducted at a later date.

History of Western Massachusetts
Written By Josiah Gilbert Holland
History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield
Written By Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co
A Branch of the Root Family
Written By Hazel Esther Drake
Hannah Haynes birth date has not yet been found
• Hannah is one of two children born to Edmund Haynes and Hannah Lambe
o Her sibling was Sarah Haynes.
• Hannah Haynes married Joseph Root on the 30th of December 1660 in Springfield Massachusetts.
o Hannah and Joseph had seven children: John, Hannah, Sarah, Hezekiah, Joseph, Hope, and Thomas.
o Their daughters Hannah and Sarah both married into the Hutchinson Family.
• Hannah Haynes Root died on the 28th of January 1691

Edmund Haynes was born in England, exact date and place is not known.
• Who his parents were and if he had siblings has not yet been discovered
• Edmund married Hannah Lambe, exact date and place not known.
o Edmund and Hannah had two known children: Hannah and Sarah.
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