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Unknown User commented on Dec 01, 2002
When asked about the "Taylor Treasure,"
my brother does the talking for the family.
Unknown User commented on Dec 01, 2002
Dedicated to The Taylor's to come.

Our Taylor line is decendants of James Taylor d 1698 Va (immigrant) and his (2) wife, Mary Gregory. Their youngest son, John Taylor b 1696 Va (bur. NC)married Catherine Pendleton. John and Catherine Taylor's son, Edmund Taylor lived in Mecklenburg Co Va. He married Anne Lewis, both members of the Church of England and coverted to to the Methodist faith. It was their son Howell Taylor b 1754 Va who migrated first to Montgomery Co Tenn, Brownsville, Haywood County, Tennessee.(Taylor's of Tabernacle)
It is from 2 sons of Rev Howell Taylor who married Susan Young that we descend, John Young Taylor b 1787(m Martha Alexander)and Richard Taylor b 1793 Va(m (1)Nancy Alexander.
From John Young Taylor came a daughter, Susan Young Taylor b 1848 (m Dr Allen Jones Barbee) and from the Barbee's came Martha Alexander Barbee b 1832(m John Louis Taylor) It is through their daughter, Emma Matilda Taylor b 1856 (m Robert Edwin Taylor, a cousin , who descended from John Young Taylor's brother, Richard.
Richard Taylor's son,John Alexander Taylor b 1818 (Tn m Anne Bignal "Nan" Peete) and it is from him, that Robert Edwin Taylor was born.
Emma Matilda Taylor & Robert Edwin Taylor(b 1851) are my great-grandparents. From them descended our grandfather, Edwin Speed Taylor b 1886 Tn., who married Martha Ellen "Ella" Johnson (b 1885 Tn, d/o Alexander A Johnson and Martha Ellen Bridgewater)
My dad, Ernest Speed Taylor b 1911 Tn married Clara Berniece Austin b 1917 Ga on 4 May 1941 in Ridgeland, Jasper Co, SC and settled in Fernandina Beach, Florida and both are buried there.

My memories are written and copyright pending in "Daddy's Little Dumplings", forthcoming.

It is with precious memories, that I share with you, dear reader, some of the memories of one of : "Daddy's Little Dumplings."

Oleta Ann b 1948 Fla.
Unknown User commented on Dec 01, 2002
My dad, Ernest S Taylor( d.1979,)had a hobby of breaking codes for treasure hunters,He would listen and enjoyed the stories and legends on the island where I was bornin NE Florida. Here's one ol' Mr. Jones told.

"The Snake Cried"

Johnny was behind that morning as he grabbed his fishing gear, a quart of moonshine, and hauled buggy for Crandel. When he got there, he had everything but the bait.
He looked around for something to use when he saw a small snake with a frog in its mouth. Johnny reached down and snatched it up and was fastening it on his hook when he noticed the snake was crying....brokenhearted, tears running down its face. Johnny reached for his bottle and poured a few drops on the snakes nose. The little snake licked his lips a couple of times, smacked his mouth and took off.
Johnny caught a nice bass with the frog then looked around and there was the snake with another frog. Johnny gently took the frog and watched as the snake raised its head and opened his mouth wide.
Both were pretty well loaded when the sun went down.
Unknown User commented on Dec 01, 2002
I was born and raised on an island in NE Florida where there are lots of fish tales. This one actually happened in the 1950's.
My father and mother had been seineing off Fernandina Beach's south end.Daddy went for a swim while we stayed on
shore. All of a sudden daddy started yelling,"Bring the net, bring the net", I'm riding a fish! ...Riding a fish? ...It was plain that he was doing something and having a time holding it...we got the net out to him and lo and behold he was " riding a fish", just as one would ride a horse.....a big fish.Daddy had his long legs wrapped around the fish. I remember laughing so hard later that day about what I had witnessed(and stii do)
We weighed the fish when we got it home and it weighed 52 lbs! Needless to say we had some good eating! I'll never forget daddy's fish.....and yes, I do have a photo!
Phyllis Dickerson commented on Jun 16, 2003
In the latter part of February, 1864, John Taylor and his wife, Mrgaret Reed Taylor learned of a wagon train scheduled to leave in the spring from a point on the Concho River, destination California. He had to travel from Comanche County, Texas to Williamson County, 120 miles, to find the equipment for making the trip. John was one of many deserters from the Southern army, so everything had to be done in secret. They started their journey on April 15th. In the evening of October, 12, 1864, the families of John Taylor, John Ward, and Elliot Hicks arrived at Carrizo Creek within the boundaries of what is now known as Anza-Borrego State Park situated in the southern part of California not so very far from the Mexician Border. Later John and Margaret settled permanently in San Bernardino, County.John Taylor was my Great grandfather, I am fortunate to have a copy of his diary which discribes this six month journey to California.
Deborah Colgate commented on Aug 26, 2007

Did I know him? Yes. Though I was not born untill 1958, my father William Alves lived in the trenches with him. He spoke often of Red, as he was called. He would tell of some of the battles they went through. He would tell of the day that Red went down to a little stream to fill the canteens to get water to clean the tent stove and a sniper shot him. How he went to the tent where the doctors tried despertly to save his life after being hit by sniper fire. How my dad and some others of his unit went out to find the sniper and to take him out just after Red died on the operation table. What was unique about this endever was that the men would take compass readings of the rifle fire as the sniper would fire his weapon. They then triangulated his position and my dad call up a tank on his radio and gave him the cordiance to fire a shell and take out the sniper. As a tribute to a fallen friend he kept the empty shell casing that was fired to take out the sniper that killed his best friend. My dad proudly displayed this shell in his home untill his own passing in Octobe of 2000. I cannot tell you the countless times I heard him tell people the story of the shell when they would see it in our house. My dad never forgot about Red or any of the other men in his unit. He kept them alive in his memory and as a result, in a way, I knew them to.
Trisha Taylor commented on Apr 12, 2012
Arthur Taylor was married to Hazel. They had four daughters: Betty, Shirley, Elizabeth, Judy. They also has two sons: James and Micheal.

They had approx. 14 grandchildren. Patricia, sandy, Paul, Tom, becky, Lynette, Leann, Lisa, bob, Lori, Jim, jr, Steve, a few more..

Today the children live in arknsas and Iowa.

Few have left Iowa, but some grandchildren can be found in Louisiana, Kentucky, Florida, Arkansas, most in tama county Iowa.

Arthur and hazel are buried in tama county Iowa.
Nathan Taylor commented on Sep 12, 2013
Hi. My name is Nathan Thomas Taylor. I am the son of Merl Virgil Taylor and Thelma Louise Somers. Merl is the son of Osmar Taylor and Grace Taylor. Thelma is the daughter of Charles Somers and Mary Somers. If you are related to any of these people, please contact me at [contact link] Thank you, and have a wonderful day.
Jasmine Taylor commented on Sep 29, 2014
hi i might be meesage me
Helen Mary Perkins commented on Mar 01, 2022
any one related too richard howad isaac trevena taylor marybrough victoria australia
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