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Updated Oct 02, 2022


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Sylvia Hathaway commented on Aug 16, 2008
Looking for any descendants or persons who might know of any of the following family: Charles Wagner b. abt 1842 perhaps Meclenburg Germany came to US abt 1874 wife Fredericka (Freida, Ricka, Ricca, Reicha, Ricca) Wagner b abt 1848 came to US 1874 Possible Children: Richard "Dick" or RD Wagner DOB Unknown, (has child named George, grandchild named Jack), born in Germany, lived in South Bend, Indiana, Racine Wisconsin, perhaps Chicago IL. Henry b. abt 1863-1868 in Meclinberg, Germany, lived in South Bend IN, Chicago IL. Could be Henry M. Wagner husband of Cora and father of Martin. Lived on Wabash Street in 1900. Charles Frederick Wagner, b. abt 16 Mar 1870 in Mecklenberg, Germany, d. 10 nov 1934 Riverside CA. Married Eldora Shute. Lived in Indiana, Chicago IL, MN, WA, CA. Ernest Wagner b abt 1872 in Mecklenburg Germany, lived in South Bend IN in 1800, no other info. Lewis C. Wagner b. abt 1873 Perhaps in Mecklenberg Germany (may not be a child in this family) Wife was Emma M. Children were Glen b abt 1903, Dorothy b. abt 1906 and William "Willie" b abt 1908. lived in Springfield, La Porte, IN, in 1910-1930. William Wagner b. 1874 in Indiana, lived in South Bend IN in 1880. No other Info. Rosa Wagner, b. 1879 in Indiana, lived in South Bend IN in 1880, lived in Chicago IL by 1900, married Hector Randall. Died in 1942. Marie or Mary Wagner ? may be wife of a Wagner or may be same child as Lizzie as listed in 1880 census living in Charles Wagner household b. abt 1878? had a child named Elsie. Lived in Indiana. See my family pictures in Ancestry. George C. Wagner b. 1890 in Illinois. is on 1900 census with Charles and mother "Ricki" along with Henry and Rosa and Alice. Alice C. Wagner, b. 1895 in Illinois. lives in parents household in 1900, but in 1910, 1920, and 1930 is listed as living in Hector and Rose Randall's household. Please contact me if you would like an invite to view my family files. Some of the information is speculation and not verified. Thanks, Sylvia Xanthis Hathaway, descendant of Charles Frederick Wagner b 1871/72 and Eldora Shute Wagner.
Jamie Wagner commented on Oct 16, 2015
I'm on a mission of finding more information on my heritage and would greatly appreciate any Information or Pictures with any of the following surnames that we possibly have any connection with an messeges will be answered accordingly I hope this gets noticed by someone who possibly has more info as Im not doing this for myself but also for my children and to get the Legacy going in my grandmother's memory thanks
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