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Updated Apr 16, 2022


Father didnt know his father growing up in Tulsa Oklahoman.

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Elizabeth Bullard-Watson commented on Dec 01, 2002
Confederate soldier in the Civil War. First assignment: 3B Corporal, Company A, 8th Regiment, Georgia State Troops on November 17, 1861. He was mustered at Savannah, GA in May 1862. He enlisted as a Private in Infantry Battalion, Company E, 65th Regiment, Georgia Infantry in March 1863. Interesting story (unconfirmed): On June 12, 1863, Thomas Watson, Benjamin Allison, and John Young deserted at Kingstons, TN. John Young, being a good swimmer, swam the Tennessee River; stole a paddle boat; then went back for Thomas and Benjamin. The three men hid from their unit until nightfall, when they began walking. Once far enough away from their unit, they also walked during the day. When he got home to Fannin County, Thomas slept in a hollow log near his home. His wife, Elizabeth, would sneak food to him. Later, he walked through the mountains to Athens, Tennessee, and joined the Union Army for 1 year. His Union Army assignment: Company E, 7th Regiment, Tennessee Mounted Infantry. Thomas was honorably discharged July 27, 1865 at Nashville, TN. He lived to age 74. The Watsons moved to Fannin County, GA from Cisco, Murray County. Cisco was in the mountains, somewhere between Chatsworth and Fannin. Thomas' mother, "Fannie", and one daughter are buried near Cisco. Thomas settled at the foot of Watson Mountain, which was named for him. His brother, Rufus, settled at the foot of another mountain nearby... near Dyer Gap. Landmarks: Hipps Chapel, Higden Store, and the Upper and Lower Jack River. When Thomas' father, George, died, he was to be buried at Cisco. However, the weather and road conditions were so bad at the time that they could not transport him there. He was buried at Hipps Chapel Cemetery, instead. Many Watsons are buried there. Thomas's parents: George William Watson and Francis "Fanny" Gribble Thomas married Elizabeth Angeline Goss on October 17, 1858. They had the following children: Seniah, b. 12/21/1859 Coleman Jefferson, b. 10/29/1861 George Monroe, b. 04/25/1864 Rufus William, b. 07/04/1866 Frances Elizabeth, b. 09/04/1969 Thomas Franklin, b. 09/27/1871 Joseph Lucius, b. 11/25/1873 John Melvin, b. 03/16/1876 Harvey Montreville, b. 04/09/1878 Emily Miranda, b. 08/16/1881 Mary Magdeline, b. 08/24/1884
Judy Jendruck commented on Dec 01, 2009
William R. Watson, a farmer, married Mary E. Johnson,they were from Arkansas. William and Mary had 2 sons, John T. and James Franklin. What little records available state 4 chilren but no one in my family is aware of the other two. James Franklin and John were born near Blairsville, Clay County, Arkansas. Mary E. Watson died, (cause unknown) and William took James and John to Caddo Mills TX.(perhaps he remarried and 2 more children?). John was raised by the Johnson family. John married Carrie and they had a son Maurice. John was the pharmacist in Caddo Mills. James Franklin, (my grandfather) was raised by the Farr or Pharr family in Caddo Mills or Greenville, Tx, in Hunt County. I have been able to trace John T. Watson but cannot find information on the Farr/Pharr family that raised James (Jim) Franklin Watson, it would have been in the late 1800's or early 1900's. I would appreciate any info. Thank you.
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