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Whitaker Last Name History & Origin

Updated Aug 24, 2022


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Name Origin

I am researching my family's tree. My mother was born Shirley Odell Whitaker in NY in 1943. Her dad was Herman Whitaker, born around 1905 in Enfield NC. From my knowledge, his parents were Henry Whitaker n Priscilla Ingram. They had a few children, Reginald, Sally, Anna Mae, Gertrude, Odell n a few others. Please, if any1 has any info, please contact me a you

Spellings & Pronunciations

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Nationality & Ethnicity

African American in Enfield, NC

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Whitaker Family Members

Surnames: Whimert - Whitti

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The average age of a Whitaker family member is 70.0 years old according to our database of 20,718 people with the last name Whitaker that have a birth and death date listed.


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Edith Chance commented on May 05, 2009
My grandfather, Dave Whitaker worked with the CCC group in building roads in northern Georgia. He married Maudie B. Garland and lived in Gilmer County, Georgia had several children; the girls...Adalee, Shirley, Maudeen, Wanda and the boys... Roy, John and Franklin. My grandfather had children from a previous marriage... Jackie, Bill and Jim. His wife died after giving birth to their last child. My father joined the USAF and was stationed in Japan where her met my mother, Toyoe Masaki and they had four children...Edith, Mike, Eilene and Susan. We have lived in Mississippi, Washington, Massachusetts and Japan during my father's 21 years in service. We all now live in Murray County, Georgia.
Melissa Myers commented on Aug 31, 2013
My family has two mahjong sets that were my grandmother's. She received them from her friend Ruth Whitaker who loved to travel with her family. My grandmother is Edith Marie Lyons Myers. One is in a small rectangle box and maybe a double decker. I have another one in a long rectangle box and the box is deteriorating so I put it into a storage box for preservation.
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