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Mary Jane (WICKS) Smith was my great-grandmother, born in Tennessee and died circa 1896 in Texas. MJ was just about 42 when she died, maybe of childbirth, heart failure, no records can be located. She was married in Tennessee to David Martin Smith b. 1854, d. 1939, (buried at Restland cemetery, Boswell, OK). They moved from Tennessee to MO then to TX where she died. But I cannot find her grave, this eludes me, (she maybe buried in one of these Texas counties, Gains, Fannin, Lamar, I just do not know). Her family moved around from Texas to Oklahoma (i. e., Boswell, OK; Denison, TX, Paris, TX). Of all my grandparents she is the last to locate. I would very much appreciate the help. Records of her are very sparse. If someone is searching in these areas or may have a lead I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Aug 04, 2003 · Reply
I am the grandaughter of William Wicks. He was a farmer on Long Island NY. he had thirteen children. my father was one of them.(Howard) My dad worked on the farm for many years then he married. and began to have his own family . he and mom (Kathrine Zatorski) had ten children then when I was a teen ager he moved up state Ny to raise there children on a dairy farm. Not one of us became farmers. we all went our sepreat ways. and got married and had our own familys. there is right now about 90 to 100 of us all started with Howard and Kathrine.I my self had two children. I have six grand kids.
Irene kathrine wicks Yager.
Mar 19, 2009 · Reply