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Browse the history of Bulgaria through vintage photographs.

A photo of William G Kinzinger and Daisy Kinzinger (wife).
People in this photo:
William G Kinzinger
Jun 18, 1911 - around January 1976
Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Boris III of Bulgaria, born January 30th, 1894 and died August 24th, 1943 was the son of Ferdinand the 1st.
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Georgi (Julius) Benko standing near his mill near Sofia, Bulgaria 1980. My father, Anton (Tony) Benko-Szabo never had the chance to meet his brother except through correspondence.
People in this photo:
Anna Georgiena Benko, first born daughter to Julius and Dana Benko, in Sofia, Bulgaria with friends. 1955
People in this photo:
Julius Benko and Dana Velkova Benko with their first born, Anna in Sophia, Bulgaria 1935. Julius was born to Anna Farkas Benko in Yugoslavia, Hungary.
People in this photo:
Julius (aka Georgi/Georgy) Benko (1900-1991), son to Anna Farkas Benko-Szabo (c.1874-1958), Sofia, Bulgaria 1932
People in this photo:
1900 - 1991
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