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Taken in Chuquicamata, El Loa Province County, Antofagasta Region Chile .
Photo taken in Chuquicamata, Chile (early 50s). Father Cornelis Borloper and... more
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Taken in Chile .
A caricature of Robert Leslie Cazneau, 1919 - 1999.
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Taken in Chile on .
Cartoon (caricature) of Bob & Dee Cazneau in Chile in September of 1984.
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Taken at The Clinic, Santiago, Chile .
Tomás Jiménez Aguilar, My grandson. Others in photo not named.
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Taken at Customs house, Valdivia, Valdivia Chile on .
Jose Raúl Falfán from Chile., Latin America., wearing the Chilean Navy.,... more
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Taken at Santiago, Chile in .
This photo was in an album brought to Australia by Clara Anna Howard of... more
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