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Browse the history of Egypt through vintage photographs.

A photo of Yasser Kevok of Egypt in 1996.
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Yasser Kevok
Born: May 21, 1996
الرقص في أوروبا Mustafa Elsherbini in his youth in 1926 - he went to dance in Europe.
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مدير عام كل من فندقي سميراميس وشبرد - القاهرة مواليد المنصورة 1908 ميلادية توفي في 1975 حاصل على وسام الإستخقاق الجمهوري المصري ومالك مطعم شربيني بألمانيا في الثلاثينات من القرن الماضي وعاد لمصر بسبب الخرب العالمية الثانية translation: Mostafa ElSayed ElSherbini, General Manager of Hotel Semiramis and Shepherd - Cairo, Egypt (Mansoura), born 1908, died in 1975 AD He holds the Order of the Egyptian Republican Alastakakkak and was the owner of restaurants in Germany & Cherbana, Morocco in the 1930's and returned to Egypt because of the debris of the Second World War.
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Sharon, Beth and Rob Wirey in Egypt in 1982. When I saw my mom for the first time I remember.
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Howard Carter, born May 9th 1874, died March 2nd, 1939 was an English archaeologist who is best remembered for his legendary discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun of course was the famous 14th century BC pharaoh of Egypt. Archaeologist Howard Carter is seen in this photo with a member of his excavation team (name unknown) posing in front of Tutankhamun's sarcophagus located in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt, February 1923.
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Howard Carter
Born: May 9, 1874
This is a photo of Zanzibar. View along the harbour from roof of ancient... added by Ancient Faces on January 10, 2012.
A photo of a Couple on camels in front of the Sphinx and pyramid of Jizah (sic), Egypt circa 1900
My mpggf, Haiman Kopelman was touring Egypt when WW1 broke out. All outgoing ships were helping in the war effort, though Egypt was not yet involved. Thus, ggf was stuck in Egypt for 9 months. He is pictured here on a camel in front of the Sphynx. I'm told that the small group of Americans tourists in Egypt banded together during this time. My ggf, a Lithuanian Jewish immigrant to the US supposedly struck up a great friendship with the man pictured on the donkey.
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Have not been able to find any information on him except two pictures. I would like to find out more about early Navy personel in this area. It is believed that he died shortly after this picture was taken.
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