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El Salvador

Browse the history of El Salvador through vintage photographs.

Bishop, Father Salomón Carballo nephews: brothers Jaime Carballo I, Mario Carballo , Ernesto Carballo
People in this photo:
A photo of the Carballo family -Bishop, Father Salomón Carballo and nephews Rene Carballo, Mario Carballo, Ernesto Carballo, and Jaime Carballo I
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A photo of Robert L Cazneau
People in this photo:
Robert Leslie Cazneau
Nov 29, 1919 - Aug 13, 1999
tucson, az, us
A photo of Dany Ramirez Jr.
People in this photo:
Dany Ramirez Jr.
Born: Sep 4, 2001
El Salvador
Delores and Robert Cazneau on vacation October 1977 in San Salvador.
People in this photo:
Dee [ Delores ] Cazneau
Aug 28, 1924 - Dec 13, 1994
Visalia, CA, United States
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