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Browse the history of Finland through vintage photographs.

Found at a central Texas antique store. The photo shows four Finnish children. From left to right: Olli (Olavi) - age 6, baby Ilmo- age 9 months?, Tarmo? - age 5, Marja - age 8. There are some other words written on the back that I can't quite make out - possibly the family name? I uploaded a scan of the back separately in case someone else wants to try to read it.
Found at a central Texas antique store. The original photo is badly scratched. I managed to clone out most of the damage except for some fine lines around his nose and upper lip. The back of the photo has the name "Kaarlo Hammar" written on it. The front has the name "Kaarlo Terhi" and in English "brother of Sigrid" or "Sigurd".
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A photo of Elli Kaisla. Found in a central Texas antique store with other photos from Finland. Photographer's name cut off along the bottom edge of the card - V. Baisokevitz or Barsokevitz.
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Viljo was only 7 when he sadly perished from drowning in Warp River in Loimaa Finland on July 19,1944
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Viljo Oskari Pöhö
Nov 20, 1936 - Jul 19, 1944
Salli was only 2 when she boarded RMS Titanic as 3rd class with her mother and older brother then sadly perished in the sinking on April 15, 1912
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Salli Helena Rosblom
Feb 26, 1910 - Apr 15, 1912
Grandaunt Jenny: She was my mothers aunt, Jenny Ingrid Wiitanen. b.1892 d.1980. This picture has taken in Pori, Finland.
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This is a photo of Dr. Matti Helenius Seppala, woman, Finland added by Ancient Faces on January 11, 2012.
Here is my grandmothers cousin Hilja Theresia. She came from Finland 1912 or 1921 and died in USA 1958. This beautiful picture is coloured by Marc Heatherington.
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