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Browse the history of Indonesia through vintage photographs.

A photo of Gordon W Rutledge with his children: Greg, Anna and Michael. Taken at our house in Jakarta Indonesia in the 70's.
People in this photo:
Gordon W Rutledge
Jun 17, 1933 - Nov 17, 1992
A photo of Gracia Clarissa Lionardi
People in this photo:
Gracia Clarissa Lionardi
Chicago, Illinois, United States
A photo of Nglanggeran, an Ancient Volcano
With my husband at a close friend's Javanese traditional wedding. Specifically of the Solo/Surakarta culture.
People in this photo:
Billy Christian
Born: 1990
A photo of Mimi Matheos & Ronny, mother and son. Happy Hour
People in this photo:
My parents, while serving at the PhilConGen in Menado, Indonesia
A photo of Semjaduari Gultom of Samosir, Indonesia in 2000.
We are sad because we have not had the opportunity to know you before you left this earth, one day if God allows us we will visit your grave site. In loving memory by all in Indonesia, your wife Oey Utjak, daughter Francisca, grandchildren : Febri Yona Aldino, Marcello Hetley, Novan, Maureen Tasya and Meidy Fransisca.
my dad Henry Krijgsman (Bagde) when he was in freeport tembaga pura irian jaya Indonesia
The Fred Krijgsman family - this picture was taken when i was 10 years old
the obituary letter of my dad, henry krijgsman
People in this photo:
this picture was taken at his (Henry Krijgsman) funeral after my father passed away....the blue february
Image of a Balinese Dancer which is an ancient tradition of the Balinese people. No other information is know about this particular dancer.
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