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Browse the history of Iraq through vintage photographs.

A photo of Yasin al-Jibouri. This is an ID photo of myself for the 1957 population census. I was then eleven.
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my name is Shai Judah, And Im Jewish from Iraq, Im born in Zakho city. Now I live in Holland without any members of my families. when I was 6 months old Sadam Husain was killed my father because he was a very rich Jewish man. I was live with my mother and me and my mother was live with a kurdish families in Mousil city, that kurdish families was protect us and they was very kind to me and my mother. Also they was know we are Jewish people but they never harm us and they love us very much. Now I live in Holland and Holland Gov is helping to have a life better then Iraq. also I have been married and I have two Daughter Leila and Arella.. I was hear from my mother that my father it was the members of Sahyouni Families.
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This is a photo of Iraq, man in western dress added by Ancient Faces on January 9, 2012.
This is a photo of Iraq, housing & man in western dress in car added by Ancient Faces on January 1, 2012.
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