Found in a central Texas antique store this weekend. The photo was taken in late 1947, between World War II and the Korean War. A description is written on the back, but there is no signature or name on it anywhere. 2 Sept 47 The 8th Army ferry "Shija". A converted Jap Destroyer Escort. Very new, and a beauty. This is at Pusán, Korea a few minutes before we sailed. In the left background, the passengers are lined up for their shots. Most of the G Is are going to a rest hotel in Japan for a weeks leave.
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Hannibal Free Public Library (Hannibal, Mo.) is the source for this picture of Rosemary Mikula Fager. She was a nurse from Ilasco, Missouri who was a member of the 4077th MASH Unit, in Korea.
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Unknown - Unknown
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A photo of some of the Pueblo crew who were captured by the North Koreans in 1968.
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Henry L. Ford s/o Gifford & Hannah "Doll" (Hill) Ford, Readstown, Wisconsin, News Article about his death in Korea.
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Jul 30, 1863 - Sep 22, 1950
Norman Moses Rowey at age 20 in Korea in the 1950's.
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Oct 1,931, 4 - Unknown
My Dad's, Melvin Austin Runkles, Obituary June 11,2003
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Aug 1, 1939 - Unknown
A photo of Louis Mod Jr. in Korea in the 1950's. He was in the Marines during the Korean War.
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Apr 9, 1910 - Unknown
David Allen Oliver: This card was a christms card that David made while stationed in Korea. David died August 24, 1976, Fort Sill, Oklahoma
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Nov 17, 1948 - Aug 24, 1976
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