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Northern Ireland

Browse the history of Northern Ireland through vintage photographs.

A photo of Thomas Young and son Val (Thiepval). Thomas was at the Battle of Somme where the 36th Ulster Division were stationed and fought at Thiepval
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A phot of Bobby Kerr, Charlie Kerr (grandfather), Irene Kerr, Charlie Kerr, John Kerr holding Trevor Kerr, Wesley Martin, Gerry Kerr, Maud Martin, Eileen Loughran, Lavinia Loughran, Gilbert Loughran, Jimmy Kerr, Alice Kerr
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A photo of Sunnylands Sunday School in Northern Ireland in 1959.
Fredrick George Dunlop and Rita Hewitt wedding day photo...24th June 1948...Kilmore parish church, county Armagh, Northern Ireland. Here is my aunt Rita (1919-2008) and my uncle Fred (1919-1984) on their wedding day in June 1948. They were wed in Kilmore parish church in county Armagh , Northern Ireland and both are laid to rest in the new graveyard of the same church. Aunt Rita was the organist of this church for over 60 years! Quite a record! They didn't have a family of their own so I feel someone needs to keep their memory alive and tell their story.
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Taken c 1926 in Portrush outside L'Atelier Studio, Northern Ireland.
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Robert Lee
1865 - December 1942
Portrush, United Kingdom
Reverse reads: "John Govan (came from Govan [Ireland]). Husband of Mary Cairns of Ayrshire Alloway or ?. Died aged 40 years in Belfast." Born in 1852 and died in 1898, he worked as a boiler maker. I found these old photos when moving house - John Govan would be my great great great grand father on my dads side.
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John Govan
1852 - 1898
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