Amy Winehouse performing at the Rock In Rio concert, Lisbon, Portugal. May 31, 2008. (Notice bandaged hand.)
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Sep 14, 1983 - Jul 23, 2011
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A photo of Dorothy Jane Bunim
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Apr 15, 1917 - Jun 19, 2011
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A photo of Jonah Love
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Unknown - Unknown
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A photo of Herbert M Van Arsdale
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Dec 6, 1925 - Feb 28, 2002
A photo of Nanie Lucas
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Feb 20, 1880 - Aug 5, 1947
Youngest to oldest : Joseph, Edward, Frank and Maria Alves
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1913 - Unknown
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Photo taken April 2011.
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Sabina Alina of Lousada, Portugal.
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Mariga family crest - no source credited. Brasão da Família Mariga - nenhuma fonte de crédito
Manuel I o Venturoso, Rei de Portugal, or in English, Manuel I of Portugal. Manuel I was the King of Porugal and the Algarves who was born May 31st, 1469, and died December 13th, 1521. He is most remembered for his achievements in political affairs and the arts.
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Unknown - Unknown
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Image of Maria De Aragão E Castela Rainha De Portugal, born June 29th 1482, and died 7th of March 1517.
Miguel I, Rei de Portugal (born October 26th, 1802 and died November 14th, 1866) was King of Portugal from 1828 through 1834. His father was King John VI and mother Queen Charlotte of Spain.
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Oct 26, 1802 - Nov 14, 1866
Berengaria of Portugal was born in the 1190's and died on March 27th, 1221. Berengaria was the Queen consort of Denmark through her marriage to Valdemar II of Denmark.
This photo referrer about the crew of the navy ship, I thingk USS "Waters," when was in harbor of Ponta Delgada, Island of São Miguel, Azores in 1919. This ship and another ones served as escort of Flying Boat "NC4", when the transatlantic voyage in same year. I will be very interested in find out if some of this crew still have families leaving in United States, and I could get in touch to confirm if this really the ship in question.
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