Georg Friedrich, Prince of Prussia, born Georg Friedrich Ferdinand Prinz von Preußen, on June 10th, 1976. He is the g-g-grandson of the last German Emperor and King of Prussia, Wilhelm II.
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Portrait of Mary Michaelis, born Cologne Diocese, Rheinland, Prussia. Mary married Peter Kirscht (1829-1888) on 15 November 1862 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mary married Jacob Hemauer on 24 July 1901 in Almena, Wisconsin.
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Oct 8, 1836 - Unknown
Anna Kirscht Mueller, born 1818 in Mettendorf, West Prussia, died in 1899 in Jacobs Prairie, Minnesota. Wife of Mathias Mueller (1815-1887). Daughter of Mathias and Angela Kirscht.
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Feb 16, 1818 - 1899
Mathias Mueller, born 1815 in Holstum, West Prussia, died in 1887 in Jacobs Prairie, Minnesota. Husband of Anna Kirscht Mueller (1818-1899). Son of Simon and Magdalena Spodem Mueller.
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Feb 17, 1815 - 1887
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Emma was younger sister to my ggrandmother Christiana "Tillie" Grieger-Luley-Meins-Timms, b.15 July 1868 prob. Schlesien Province, Prussia, dau. of Robert & Pauline (Karlowski) Grieger. Emma never married. She d.aft. 1933 prob. Breslau.
Elise was born 1859 in Schlesien Province, Prussia; d. 29 Jan 1924 Breslau, Prussia; m. Walter Fleischer of Germany. Elise was older sister to my gr.grandmother Christiana Grieger Luley-Meins
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