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Browse the history of Samoa through vintage photographs.

A photo of Anna Delores Bandish
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Anna Delores Bandish
1943 - 1993
Alefosio & Ati Silva, Samoa: This is the photo of my parents. My parents name are Alefosio Joe Silva and Ati Tamaseu Silva. My dad was born on the 29th November 1932 at Moto'totua Hospital , Apia Samoa.um He's turning 80 this year. :) And my mum was born on the 2nd December 1955. His dad's name was Augustine Silva who passed away 19 - - . ( sorry i don't remember the date.) :)
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Sisters Villa Silva, Janella Silva and Elaine Silva of Apia, Samoa.
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Janella Silva
Born: Jul 23, 1994
The Silva Family: Katrina Silva Leavasa, Janella Silva, Josephine Silva, Maryjane Silva, and Leuila Silva. This Photo was taken in Samoa in 2011.
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Katrina Silva Leavasa
Born: Aug 21, 1995
A photo of Ailafo Moliga of Ta'u Manu'a, American Samoa, no date offered by the submitter.
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Ailafo Moliga
Born: 1901
Tulimalefo'i Samitioata Mauga Asuega, Pago Pago, American Samoa. No date offered by the submitter.
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This is a photo of Sgt. Nelson Huron & Samoan Guard added by Ancient Faces on January 1, 2012.
This is a photo taken in 2007 right in front of our guest house in Olosega,Manu'a. This was the best family reunion ever. I get to see all of my long lost cousin's & all my family that were scattered around the globe.
This is another part of my life. Where i am also from. Its so nice getting to know another part of my story.!
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