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Browse the history of Switzerland through vintage photographs.

A photo of Johannes von Allmen - Swiss boarder Patrol before 1917. Trying to identify great grandfather Johannes von Allmen in this photo from Lauterbrunnen Switzerland.
An old, old photo of a Swiss woman that has been in the family. She has the family look, except for being very blonde but I don't know who she is. There is only a first name, Juliette, written on the back.
This is an old family photo. It was taken probably by the Taeschler photography studio in Basel, Switzerland (somebody cut most of the part with the studio information off! It wasn't me!). I have no idea who the man was but his birthdate (July 16, 1789) and the date the photo was taken (Oct. 2, 1862) are carefully and beautifully written in German on the back. Sadly, no name is given.
My great-grandmother, Elise Fallon-Hindermann's, Swiss cousin, Pierre Oswald.
People in this photo:
An army buddy of my second great grandfather, Hans Franz Hindermann
A photo of the Jakob Joss family. L to R: Walther, Hans, Maria (standing), Emil, Ernest Jakob, Hermann, Ernest (standing), Samuel, August (standing), Elizabeth Joss- Niehans, Lydia Joss.
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A photo of Douglas F Bub with his wife to be and her family in Bern, Switzerland in 1948
People in this photo:
Douglas F Bub
Jul 27, 1915 - May 2, 1977
This is the marriage of Paul Pfisterer and Isabella Railton in Lambeth, London 1907. Paul was from switzerland.
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This is a photo of Dr. Robt. Hercule, Switzerland added by Ancient Faces on January 11, 2012.
John (Johann) Lemm, a Swiss catch wrestler. Catch wrestlers performed in carnivals in the 1800's and early 1900's. Catch wrestling was an amateur sport that later spread in popularity throughout Europe, spreading to the United States. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Bain News Service
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This is a photograph of the farmstead of David Jegerlehner/ Yegerlehner (1808-1883) who settled in Clay City, Indiana.
Portrait of Jacob Baur, brother of Abraham who goes to Toledo Ohio in 1873, born in 1809, was a land farmer and watchmaker in Switzerland.
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Abraham Baur was a Lawyer/Notary in Oberhofen, Bern, Switzerland. He immigrated with his wife and nine children to Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, USA arriving 1 Aug 1873. He died 11 Jul 1875 in Toledo.
People in this photo:
Abraham Baur
Mar 8, 1820 - Jul 11, 1875
Elizabeth Anderfuhren, (b) 18 Jan 1841 Iseltwald, Switzerland (d) 16 Mar 1890 Monkton, Baltimore County, Maryland. Daughter of Johannes Anderfuhren and Anna Border
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