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Browse the history of Turkey through vintage photographs.

This is a photo of the Duenas family - They are my Family, in Turkey. The little girl was my grandmother, who came very young to Buenos Aires, with her big sister, and married here. The others brothers went to Chile and Brazil, but the parents stay at Turkey. I restore and colorize it.
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Dear Uncle: the little kid sitting in the middle of two boys will be my uncle about 20 years later..:) I like him.. He is now 59 years of age and still looks young and charismatic.. He is with his cousins in this photo..
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Hayik amca,abimle (Hayim uncle, my brother)
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A photo of Binali Dizman, 1952 - 1999.
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Binali Dizman
Jun 1, 1952 - Oct 9, 1999
İstanbul, İstanbul, Türkiye
A photo of Hamza Sarilmaz, Ihlara Vadisi (türkiye) (Ihlara Valley, Turkey)
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Constantin Keremitzoglou or Keramefs in year appr. 1880. The uncle of the wife of Vasili Vakos on his red horse. Greek medicin doctor traveling by horse to his patients in remote villages in eastern Thrace area, near the European part of Istanbul (Konstantinoupolis). in Ottoman empire. He studied general medicine in Leipzig Germany. His bio is very exiting and interesting. He was born in Eastern Thace area belonging to Othoman empire in 1864 in the city named in greek: 40 Ekklisie (its contemporary name in turkish is: Kirklareli) and died in Thessaloniki /Greece in 1929
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Constantin Keremitzoglou
around 1864 - around 1929
Jo Ann Allen of Houston Texas, age 5
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Jo Ann Allen
Apr 29, 1937 - Nov 19, 2010
Union Star, KY
This is a photo of Mosque of St. Sophia, Constantinople, Turkey added by Ancient Faces on January 11, 2012.
This is a photo of Traffic police are courteous and efficient in... added by Ancient Faces on January 10, 2012.
This is a photo of The Giant's Hill. Se[e] 1357 This Turkish policeman met... added by Ancient Faces on January 10, 2012.
Trademark of the Turkish photographer Pascal Sebah who lived from 1823 - 1886.
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Pascal Sebah
Born: 1823
Backside of the Abdullah brother's photography studio in Istanbul.
This is a photo of the tuberculosis ward of the Hasköy Hospital for Women located in Constantinople. The photographers name was Abdullah Fréres, who took this photo sometime between 1880 and 1893. Photo courtesy of the Abdul-Hamid II Collection (Library of Congress)
Group photo of M Ismail (standing at back), (l-r) ALM Abdul Majeed, WM Abdul Jabbar and MLMH Mohammed Sheriff 1905
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Mohammed Sameer bin Haji Ismail Effendi, paternal grandpa of Fazli & Firoze Sameer
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Hand drawing of Haji Ismail Effendi, paternal great grandfather of Fazli Sameer, Colombo, Sri Lanka
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