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Browse the history of Wales through vintage photographs.

A photo of William Hugh Jones. Born 26 July 1883 Longert, Penmorfa, Garndolbenmaen, North Wales
People in this photo:
A photo of my Grandfather, James Oscough Jones (with his hand on his hip) Unable to find his birth record. Where did Oscough his middle name come from? Born abt 1904/5 in Garndolbenmaen, North Wales died 5 Oct 1980 in Llanegryn, Merionethshire, North Wales
People in this photo:
James Oscough Jones
around 1904 - Oct 5, 1980
A photo of my Grandmother Ellen Alice Gillison born 16 June 1901 and died 1991 In Llanbedr, Gwynfryn, North Wales
People in this photo:
George Herbert Kerr
Jan 9, 1885 - 1963
The Wedding Photo of Arthur Greenland and Mary Jane "Jennie" Gough. November 27, 1899.
People in this photo:
Arthur Greenland
Jul 26, 1879 - May 28, 1959
A photo of George and Dorothy Hirons, taken at Tenby, Wales
People in this photo:
George Alfred Hirons
Feb 2, 1920 - March 1997
Manordeilo, Wales, United Kingdom
A photo of the wedding of Ethel Victoria Hatten and Roland Walter Cryer
People in this photo:
Ethel Victoria (Hatten) Cryer
Dec 7, 1886 - December 1967
A photo of the Officer Cadet Training Unit Royal Artillery at LLandridod Wells dated 1941/1942. Back row, 3rd from right - Jacob Wilson (1913-1985) who went into Normandy on D-Day +10 Seem to recall his nickname in the Army was 'Curly'
People in this photo:
Jacob "Jake" Wilson
Nov 20, 1913 - Jan 3, 1985
Oxted, England, United Kingdom
A photo of Aubrey Donald Carne (1934 - 2014)
People in this photo:
Aubrey Donald Carne
Dec 23, 1934 - Feb 9, 2014
Violet is on the left, Teg is on the right. Violet is my paternal great grandmother. Teg is her sister. I have no idea where or when this photo was taken, but I must say I adore it because of the choice of fashion!
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A photo of Mary Osborne believed to be taken in 1992 for her 80th Birthday.
People in this photo:
Mary Osborne
May 20, 1912 - Jun 25, 2001
This is my great great great grandmother Fanny Cowmeadow. She was born in 1852 in Gloucestershire, England and died in 1937 in Cardiff, Wales.
People in this photo:
Fanny Cowmeadow
1852 - 1937
Edna Jane James is the mother of my father's mother, so she is my great grandmother. Edna was born in 1908 in Merthyr Vale, Wales and died in 1971 in Cardiff, Wales. She was apparently a very hard/cold person. I feel that was passed on to my grandmother.
People in this photo:
Edna Jane James
1908 - 1971
This is my great great grandfather Ernest Augustus Nelson. He was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales, and is the son of a Swedish immigrant. Ernest was born in 1894 and died in 1939. He married Hilda Lillian Guy at the age of 19 in 1913. A year later in 1914 I found that he was in the military up in Manchester.
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Four photos of my grandfather Demetrie Cambettie circa 1920 probably in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.
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Bobby, Tom, Jack, Joe & Dick Bradley: The five sons of Bridget and Joseph Samuel Bradley. Photo taken in Llanelly, South Wales, United Kingdom.
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A photo of Richard Henry Bradley taken circa 1930 in Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Richard Bradley was born in 1895,
People in this photo:
Elvira Lorraine Bradley, born 4th April 1927 in Llanelly South Wales UK.
People in this photo:
Elvira Lorraine Bradley
Born: Apr 4, 1927
Bobby Bradley, born 1925 in Llanelly South Wales U.K.
People in this photo:
Bobby Bradley
Born: 1925
Sergeant Drummer Martin Sullivan, bandmaster of 4th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers band in Caernarvon, Wales, United Kingdom.
People in this photo:
Martin Sullivan
Born: 1841
Martin Sullivan & wife Frances (Williams) Sullivan with 8 of their 12 children. May have been taken in Caernarvon, Wales.
People in this photo:
Martin Sullivan
Born: 1841
Photo of William Tasker (1879-1934) taken when he signed on as a cabin boy with Sterling Co., in Glasgow, Scotland. He was born in Pembroke Dock, Wales but his family was living in Swansea when he signed his contract. He sailed on the Eagle Crag and the Glen Bank. William was the son of George Tasker and Ellen Southwell. He married Mary Ann Jones in Southampton in 1905 when he was serving in the Merchant Marine. William and family later immigrated to the States, where he died in West Seattle, Washington, January 22, 1934.
People in this photo:
William Tasker
Nov 26, 1879 - 1933
Cynllun arglwydd derby. Cyfundrefn yr adrannau / printed by Roberts & Leete, Ltd., London. Text continues: Ail-agorwyd y Cynllum uchod o ymuno mewn Adrannau Dydd Llun, Ionawr y 10fed, 1916, a chedwir ef yn agored hyd y rhoddir rhybudd pellach. Dylai pob dyn, pa un bynnag ai sengl neu priod, rhwng 18 a 41 oed, nad yw wedi ymuno wneud hynny ar unwaith yn y Swyddfa er codi Milwyr sydd agosaf ato. Bydd y mis rhybudd i'r rhai ag y mae eu hadrannau wedi eu galw i fyny yn rhedeg o ddyddiad eu hymuniad.
Rhys John Davies was born in Wales in 1877. He worked as a coal miner after grade school (for 10 years), becoming involved in worker's rights. In 1921, Rhys John Davies was elected to Parliament, where he served until ill health forced him to retire in 1951. He died in 1954, in Wales. Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Aumuller, Al, photographer
People in this photo:
Rhys John Davies
Born: Apr 16, 1877
This is a photo of Rhys Ap Ap Gruffydd, Brenin Deheubarth added by Ancient Faces on September 8, 2011.
People in this photo:
Rhys Ap Ap Gruffydd, Brenin Deheubarth
around 1134 - Apr 28, 1197
"J.T. Dando & Sons...Government Photographers By Appointment to the County of Monmouth, 47 Commercial Str., Newport, Mon." (Back of old photograhph) JT Dando and Sons were professional Victorian photographers in Wales from 1880-1901.
"Mrs. Ray Macomber, Nebraska...great grandmother of Robert Moxley" Handwritten on back A photo of Mrs. William Moxley, also from Usk, Wales is also posted on Ancientfaces.com. I believe they are the same woman, possibly with a marriage to a William Moxley and later to Ray Macomber. Photo found in an antique store in Seattle.
People in this photo:
"Mrs. William Moxley, Litchfeld, Nebraska" handwritten on back. Photo was taken in Usk (Welsh: Brynbuga) Wales prior to Mrs. Moxley's immigration. No other info available on this photo as I am not a family member. Photo found in an antique store in Seattle.
People in this photo:
Handwritten on back "Rhoda Waters". No other information available.Photo found in an antique store in Seattle, Washington.
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Photo of a young Jack Bartram, taken in Wales. Photo found in an antique store in Seattle, Washington. Only his name was on the photo.
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"Edward Jones, lived at Ellwood Chapel in Wales...age about 90." handwritten on back. No other information available on this man or his family. Photo found in an antique store in Seattle, Washington.
People in this photo:
Thomas John Woodward, born June 7th 1940, is a popular singer known by his stage name Tom Jones. Tom Jones originated from Wales and has made himself a successful career since the mid 1960's. One of his most famous songs "Whats new pussy cat?" was made for the James Bond film Thunderball in 1965. Thomas Woodward was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2006.
People in this photo:
Sir Thomas John Woodward
Born: Jun 7, 1940
Photo of a potrait of Anne Elias Jones (2nd wife of Davy Jones) with daughter, Anne May Jones. Baby Anne May Jones was born about 1900, so potrait must be around that time. Anne May had siblings: Heulwen, David Hesro, Cecil H. and Tegwedd. David Hesro Jones died as an infant, and was buried in the same grave as his father's first wife, Sarah Bengough Bowen Jones.
People in this photo:
Photo of a potrait of David "Davy" Jones, born 15 Feb 1853 in LLandissilo, Cardigan, Wales. Davy was the son of Thomas and Catherine Jones. Davy married Sarah Bengough 08 Nov 1880 in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales. Sarah died 22 Jul 1896 in Mt. Ash, Wales. Davy then married Anne Hesro. Davy died 27 Oct 1947 in Mt. Ash. During WWII, Davy's grandaughter and husband, Connie and George Benning, sent weekly food supplies to help the family in Wales.
People in this photo:
David Jones
Feb 12, 1853 - Oct 27, 1947
Birth place of Mary Ann Jones (married name : Tasker)in the family home at #35 Craig St., Mt. Ash, Wales. Mary Ann was born June 30, 1882. Mary Ann was the daughter of David Jones and Sarah Bengough.
People in this photo:
Mary Ann (Jones) Tasker
Jun 30, 1882 - 1956
Ballarat, Australia
Studio portrait of woman leaning on a chair, taken by Henry Chapman Studio, Swansea Wales. Late 1800's. Found in an album with Jones, Tasker, and Bengough relatives. She looks a lot like Mary Ann Jones Tasker to me.
Studio portrait of sitting woman taken at J. Foote Photographer, Broad St, Bath England. Late 1860's? Found in an album with Tasker, Bengough, and Jones family. These families are from Wales but the photo was taken in England.
Studio portrait of unknown woman. Taken at Trindall & Co Studios, Pembroke Dock, Wales, in the late 1800's. Found in the Tasker, Jones, and Bengough family album. Probably a relative of one of these.
Unknown man in top hat, taken in Wales in late 1800's. Found in an album of Jones, Tasker, and Bengough family photos. Photo probably taken in Pembroke Dock or perhaps Swansea, Wales.
Studio portrait of sitting woman, perhaps 1880's to 1890's, taken in Wales. This photo was found in the Tasker,Bengough,Jones photo album. It was taken at W. Tindall Studio in Pembroke Dock, Wales. A Tasker relative perhaps?
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