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Part of the U.S. Library of Congress's Cabinet of American illustration (Library of Congress).

Van Schaick, S. W. (Stephen Wilson), ca. 1850-1920, artist
  • Drawings.
  • Humorous pictures.
  • Periodical illustrations.
  • 1 drawing : pen and ink.
  • "Maude: Mama, who is that vulgar looking man standing near the doorway? Mama (without turning around) ... that is young Lord Spendquick, the heir of one of the oldest and one of the richest. Maud: ... how noble and how distinguished he looks ... Mama (turning around): Bless me! that is not young Spendquick, that is our host's butler" verso.
  • Title on verso.
  • (DLC/PP-1933:0118).
  • Forms part of: Cabinet of American illustration (Library of Congress).
  • Published as comic in: "A Slight Mistake," Harper's bazaar, 18:848 (Oct. 26, 1885).


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