Adkins, Lovejoy, Hill, or Boothe?

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This pic was found in my grandmothers glennie (lovejoy)adkins pics, no name. Would love to find out who they are. Lincoln Co WVa USA

Mystery: Lincoln Co WVa U.S.A could be any of the surnames listed in the title


Unknown Borden where is the photo I don't see it my family is from Lincoln Co WV....
Jun 11, 2003 · Reply
C Pagliolo I have a slew of people who may be able to help you, if you email me I will explain.
Oct 25, 2003 · Reply
Nancy Bergmann I will ask my dad Clarence W. Adkins and see if he knows who they are if that is okay with you. The one photo kinda resembles some in my family. He resembles my Uncle Arkie (Miley Adkins)
Apr 07, 2009 · Reply
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