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Anthony B. Thomas. When this photo was taken, he was considered one of the leading druggists in San Leandro California. He was also a three-term city councilman. Of Portuguese descent, his father was a whaler who was born on the Flores Island of the Azores. His mother came to the United States and settled in Provincetown, Massachusetts eighty-five years ago.

In 1882, the entire family moved to the East Bay area of California and settled in San Leandro, which was fast becoming a thriving Portuguese community. Mr. Thomas' father wanted him to be a whaler but after finishing high school, he decided that he would prefer to be a druggist so he went to school and realized his ambition.

The people of San Leandro, "in recognition of his ability as a leader," elected him three times a member of the five-man council board. Mr. Thomas said, "We are all Americans now and I am proud to be part of a democratic government and always want to do my share on any democratic government and planning board." (Remember, this was during World War II.)

Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress, Russel Lee photographer
at Pharmacy, San Leandro, California USA


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