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Last row: Harvey Henderson Marley is on the left. I think that the lady second from the right in this row must be Harvey's second wife, Clarissa aka Clara.

Middle row: Harvey's daughter by his first marriage, Florence (Marley) Brown, is believed to be the one in the middle row with the dark ribbon around her neck. She is facing the lady believed to be "Aunt Sue Johnston", an old friend of the Marley family. I think that Gertrude, Harvey and Clarissa's daughter, is the one leaning against the post on the far right.
Front row: The little boy on the left is John Sheeks Marley, Harvey's grandson, Albert Sigel Marley's son. The little boy on the right is Marley Roberts Brown, Florence's son.
Notice that the porch is uniquely crescent shaped.

Mystery: This picture was taken at the family vacation home "The Brown Palace" in Buffalo Creek, Colorado (county unknown), but we need help identifying most of the women. They either were related to the Marleys or friends.
at "The Brown Palace", Buffalo Creek, Colorado


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