Bartons & Merritts [E.Hodgdon, ME] Barton family photo
K Hannigan

Bartons & Merritts [E.Hodgdon, ME]

Will need help in IDing folks...older one is Grammie Amanda Barton, fairly sure that is Mom, Dot Merritt, under her arms, A Blanche to her right with baby, and Ruby B Merritt to left i think

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I have an Amanda Barton in my line. She may have been in Il. in the early to mid 1800's but ended up in Mo. Do you have anything more. Thanks, Kay
Oct 01, 2004 8:09 am reply
Photo taken at Barton Homestead East Hodgdon, Maine on
Bartons & Merritts [E.Hodgdon, ME]

Dorothy Elizabeth (Merritt) Hannigan

Born: Oct 4, 1920
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Dorothy Elizabeth (Merritt) Hannigan at 9 years old  ·  Amanda Atherton Barton  ·  Ruby Barton Merritt