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Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries workers 'knocking off' or finishing their work day building massive ships in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The most notorious ship that was built by this Harland and Wolff (which still exists today) was the RMS Titanic.

If you look closely you can see the RMS Titanic in the background. It is amazing how many workers and builders it took to create such massive ships. Harland and Wolff employed 15,000 workers at the time, working on the Titanic and her sister ship, the Olympic. These were the largest ships to be constructed at that time. The Titanic's hull was laid down on on 31 March 1909. Due to last minute design changes, work took longer than expected and the Titanic's first sea trial took place on April 2nd, 1912.
at Belfast Harbor, Belfast Ireland


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