Canadian soldier-Cpt. Bob Grant Armstrong family photo
Beth Best

Canadian soldier-Cpt. Bob Grant

Honouring the grave in France of Canadian Cpt. Grant - died Sept 20 - 1944 Falasie Gapin France.

The Mystery

Looking for this mans' son - Robin Grant - who would be about 60 years old now.

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Beth Best the wonderful news is that this particular photo ~ led to us finding Bob Grant (the only son of Cpt. Grant and reunited with our long lost relative. Bob's brother was searching for information on the cemetery where Cpt. Grant was buried in France. He entered Leubringhen and the Ancient Faces photos I had posted came up. Not knowing who this Beth Best was or who the people were placing the Canadian Flag on his grave - he called his brother Bob Grant and he in turn, called me. What a phone call. We did get to meet his Mother (my long-lost Aunt) and we eventually met in Ontario. The meeting was truly meant to be.
Reply posted Nov 10, 2012 11:45 am
Photo taken at Grant, Calais - France, France
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