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This was bought at a yardsale south of Huntingdon,TN. Would love to find their family.Looks to be taken abt.1890-1900. UPDATE: The Great Grandaughter to the little girl in this Photo contac me & I sent her the Photo. So at last this Photo has returned home.
in Huntingdon,Carroll Co., Tenn.


Beverly Scott I am the person who contacted Jackie. The child could have been my grandmother. I am still hoping someone will see this picture and provide more info because my grandmother was taken from her own mother after the death of the child's father. Grandmother was put in an orphanage and never saw her mother again. This occurred in Memphis, TN in 1900. I am from a huge extended family and all of us would love to know who exactly our great grandparents were. If anyone has any details about the people in this picture, please contact me at: [contact link]
Thank you!!
May 07, 2006 · Reply
Beverly Scott One additional bit of information that was on the photograph. The name "Neal" along with a flourish, was etched into the thick paper border at the lower right corner on the front of the photograph. I am assuming this was the photographer. If anyone knows of a photographer who had that name and who worked in the 1890's in either Canada or the US, please contact me. My email address again is: [contact link] Thank you!
May 08, 2006 · Reply
Jackie Boyd After seeing a Photo of bevps Grandmother as an adult; I completely believe this little girl is truely her Grandmother!
Aug 01, 2009 · Reply
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