Crowell and Wood men around 1900

Photo Details

Probably taken in Rockwood, Franklin County, Alabama.

Left to right: small child and man behind him are unknown, but it has been suggested that the child might be William "Bill" Crowell son of James A. Crowell (my great grandfather), next to unknown man is Walter Crowell (b. abt. 1883), William Roger Crowell (b. 12 March 1877, d. 29 October 1957), Colson "Coley" Crowell (my 3rd great grandfather and Civil War Veteran b. 14 February 1819, d. 5 November 1911), Isom A. Wood (related to Annie Crowell Wood's husband), John K. Wood (Annie Crowell Wood's husband, b. abt. 1885), Cossie Wood and Bynum Wood are both related to Annie Crowell Wood's husband.

Walter and William Roger Crowell along with Annie Crowell and James A. Crowell were the sons and daughter of Mary Jane Crowell and James Barton.

Colson "Coley" Crowell was the father of Mary Jane Crowell and grandfather of Walter and William Roger Crowell in the photo.


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