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I found this photo in a flea market in Louisiana.was so surprized she didn't have a home and was in a flea market.I am seraching for the rightful owner of this young lady's portrait. It reads on back.
Miss Almira Brainerd
Kirkwood ,Ill.
1-16x20 Crayon
Grade D
Agt A F Efrairly
July 4-1900 grand display of fireworks. Well remembered.
She is too beautiful to be left in a closet or tin box to go to ruin. Black and white photos usually last 100 yers..this photo in 104 yrs old..Is she your family? contact me at [contact link] to claim her..thanks Rita..

Mystery: Who does she belong to?


Kate Lund go to genforum and post her under her surname forum. If there is any descendant out there doing research, they will eventually run into your post and you can send her home. Failing that, she is worth about $5 to $15 to a collector and you could sell her on eBay.Collectors take good care of their prized images. Or, you could donate her to a photograph museum, where she probably would not be displayed, but would be carefully preserved.
Dec 09, 2004 · Reply
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