Do you know this man? Unknown family photo
Christine Gose

Do you know this man?

This is one of several photos that my Aunt in Three Rivers, MI has. The photos were given to her by an elderly lady that says that her step mother or step father (I foget which) was a relative of ours. This would have been on the Hoyt / Bartlett side of our family. If anyone recognizes him, please let me know. Thank you. - Chirstine Gose ... show more

The Mystery

Does anyone recognize this man. I was told that he is a relative of my Hoyt / Bartlett family in Michigan, but so far nobody knows his name, or how he is related. The photo was in an envelope with some postcards dated 1926 which had been sent to the home of my great-great grandmother Bartlett. This man was probably related to her daughter, Florence Bartlett.

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